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Of balance and dizzy don’t feel normal

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Hi I been suffering with of balance when walking like I’m going to just fell over my legs hurt I get dizzy I’m like this all the time get fatigue to had lots of test done to been like this for about 3 years is any one else like this and what do you take I have brain fog to never feel normal it’s horrible help

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I have the exact same...it’s incredibly frustrating!! I constantly feel like I’m not with my body, it also makes my eyes feel really blurry 🙄 you’re definitely not alone with it

Have anyone said what this is it’s so hard to live a normal life feeling like this mine is constant

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

The brain fog is depersonalisation, I struggle because once I notice feeling dizzy or off balance then I focus on it which makes it worse, I wake up in the morning and “scan” so I’m always ultra aware of any slight weird feeling...the best way to get rid of it is to stop focusing on it but that’s easier said than done!! When I get up now I immediately tell myself that I’m scanning and to stop it, then I try to just plough through the day. I saw a therapist a couple of years ago who made me do some exercises (like jumping on the spot) to show me that my legs aren’t actually that feeble even though my brain says they are, it’s weird how our brains can make us believe all sorts of things!! I’m in a rough phase again at the minute so I’m trying to remember all the old tips😊

Hey Noam123 and Elliebee0123

I read what you said about feeling dizzy and weak, etc ... as I, too have been feeling like that at times and thought it was my anxiety ...

Last week that happened to me and i decided to test my Blood Pressure - as there is a place to do it myself at a local pharmacy ...

What I found out surprised me ... as I was Very Low Blood Pressure !

It got me thinking that maybe some of my anxiety symptoms were possibly Not from anxiety ... maybe it was my Blood Pressure being way too low !

Thought you two might want to consider how you could get your blood pressure checked next time you felt -badly-

I am going to talk to my GP about this soon as it would explain some uncomfortable symptoms of mine.

Hope this info is helpful to you two ... and chow for now, r-e (:

Funnily enough I was just saying to someone else about getting mine checked again as it’s normally on the low side anyway and I’ve been prescribed Propranolol which doesn’t help as it lowers BP...

Sounds like you are on to something Elliebee0123 !

I also found out lately that Low Blood Pressure can be a very serious symptom and must be monitored !

One time i had BP tested and it was high (i had just gone up some stairs and was nervous) and the doctor waited about 10 - 15 minutes and checked my BP again - it was then 'normal' ...

For me, both the 'high' and 'low' BP affect me like it is Anxiety !

Maybe anxiety does affect my heart in ways i did not realize !

Sounded like my post was helpful to you Elliebee ... i hope so.

and, do take care ! n chow for now,, r-e

Do I just walk into a chemist and get my blood pressure checked worth a try

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

I’d try it definitely, and try and carry on doing your usual stuff so that your brain has something else to think about

Yes I will get it checked. Thank you will let you know

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

Please do😊 I’ve got a check up booked for Wednesday so I’ll hopefully ask about it then

Oh yes.i could have written your post.

I feel like that all day every day and am now housebound and still feel horrific in the house.

Your not alone x

It’s an awful symptom because it makes it incredibly difficult to even do simple things in your own house x

It really is horrific.

I have constant butterflies in my tummy too as well as other awful symptoms.its absolutely exhausting x

Snap, like being on a constant rollercoaster 🎢

Yes!!that is exactly it!! X

I think you’re basically my anxiety twin 😂

I think we actually are!!😂

I’m just glad it’s not just me, though I’m sorry you have it all too x

I know what you mean hun.

How do you get through the day? X

When it’s really bad I barely move...I try and keep going as far as possible, I’m lucky because my family are all good at making me go out and about. I had to leave my last job because it was very high pressure and I didn’t think it was helping, I’m trying lots of stuff to see what works and my sister makes me go to the gym with her. I find it incredibly stressful to be out and about in case I have a meltdown but I realised that I feel just as bad being at home so I try and carry on. Mine is worse if I have PMT or if I’m tired...I have to take sleeping tablets because my panic attacks are horrendous at night so I wasn’t sleeping at all and then it made the days even worse 🙄at least if I can sleep then I can manage the day slightly better x how about you?

At the moment I am housebound and even find it hard to get up off the sofa.i know how pathetic that sounds.

It’s really got a grip on me that I just cannot shake.im not sure where to go next.ive had anxiety my whole life but this is something else.

Well done for getting up and getting out.honestly that’s amazing.you should be proud of yourself x

That doesn’t sound pathetic at all!! It can be really difficult to even move some days, don’t give yourself a hard time over it...just keep looking for the things that work for you, even if it’s tiny steps to start with, I was barely eating because I felt so wobbly on my legs that I didn’t think I could get as far as the kitchen so I had to make myself go and do it by telling myself that if my legs went then I’d just have to crawl...small achievements can make a big difference x and keep chatting on here because having supportive people around is a bonus 😊

Thank you hun.that really really helps.so nice knowing I’m not alone.

That’s exactly how I feel with even walking to the kitchen.its so hard constantly fighting with your mind isn’t it x

It certainly is, turns every day in to a battle...but you’ve survived every day with it so far so you’re winning 🏆x

You too.

Always here if you ever need a chat x

🤗same to you, just ping me a message, I’ll always reply when I’m able to x

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Ragdoll15 in reply to Minnie87

I can relate to what you are experiencing. I am dizzy all the time, especially when I stand up. I cannot go out fearing that I will fall or pass out unless I go with someone and then it's only when I really have to. I feel I have no life and I just don't know what to do. Family and friends do not understand they think that I am not trying hard enough. I sometimes wish they could experience how I feel all the time.

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Noam123 in reply to Ragdoll15

I’m in the same boat as you my family don’t understand I have to look after a 4 year old on my own feeling like this it’s so scary I hate this

Yes. I have been trying so hard. My Mom and my husband seem to think i could get over it if i wanted to and my husband said the other day that he feels more depressed now and its my fault. Dont dare tell him that his drinking every nite for our entire marriage is part of my anxiety. Now that i see i cant count on him..also he is older than i am..it really has made me push myself harder the last two days and tonite i am very dizzy and head splitting again. Money problems are awful and i cant work now so i am in a real jam.. And i told my mom i felt better. She needs my help and now i have to tell her i dont know when i will be able to make the hours drive to her house. Sucks..

It’s a daily struggle even worse when you have no family and your child’s dad thinks your just a lazy bitch and always puts me down

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

You’re not lazy, you just need time to find what works for you 😊 that’s why I find these groups so helpful because there’s always someone there

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Noam123 in reply to Elliebee0123

Yea I know I’m far from lazy I look after a 4 year old all day on my own and all cuz I want help why I go in shop I’m lazy I’m lazy cuz I’m so dizzy and of balance that I have to lie down in after noon tbh I could not give a shit what anyone thinks cuz I would love them to have theses shit health problems all day and do what I do x

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

It’s impossible to explain it to someone who hasn’t experienced it, because people can’t see the symptoms they think they’re not real🙄x

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Noam123 in reply to Elliebee0123

Yea I know how Cares what they think I’ve had years to deal wifh this when it first happen I thought I was going crazy every day and going to die I was so scared crying for help and no one cares fuck them all I say

Yes so true. They cant understand it since they cant feel the terrible symtoms. All they know is we have to get over it


I’ve got that cbd oil so trying that to see if it works

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

Someone else mentioned that it’s supposed to be good...and reiki, I’m booked in for a session in a couple of weeks time so I’ll see how it goes x

This is me :( I have the off balance feeling, body twitching, had weakness in my legs a few months back which all faded but the off balance feeling is now back along with twitching.. Hoping I don't get the weak jelly legs back along with it as it scares the crap out of me. X

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I have all them symptoms constantly all day it’s vile

in reply to Noam123

Has your doctor put I down to anxiety? Are you on any medication at all? I've put a few threads on my own page but they are quite long and could possibly make you feel worse as I worry about other things too. I have health anxiety now - constantly googling symptoms and imagining the worst. I've been awful - it sent me into a really depressed state for months. The anxiety eased off a bit eventually but I was still left really depressed and now the symptoms which started all this seem to be coming back again - god knows how bad its going to get this time but im trying to just get on with my days smiling going to swimming etc to take my mind off it. I have the doctors tomorrow so will see what they say. Do your symptoms come and go or are they there all day every day? Its horrible eh :( X

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My symptoms are there constant never go away lucky if I get a hour and the doctors said I have severe anxiety But I honestly believe it’s cuz of this i’m diagnosed Health problems my day is so hard every day is just a massive struggle and I find it hard to go doctors Like it’s a phobia now Cuz they don’t understand or help xx

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What I did a few months ago when this hit me was breathing exercises, meditation, put Epsom salts in every bath, went for walks with earphones in listening to Claire Weekes Approach to Anxiety, Sleep hypnosis youtube videos. I also MADE myself go places like Asda and Primark - the busiest shops that make my Off Balance feelings worse - walked with my 2 feet firmly on the ground and made myself face it. Meeting people and having to talk to them was a scary thought but it happened a few times and whilst talking to them I would go into that dream like state and everything looking hazy, feeling panicy inside - but made myself do it and coped with it. I think it had all frustrated me for so many weeks that I started to get angry with it and was like RIGHT! F*CKOFF ANXIETY Im marching through this shop and you wont stop me. Sounds daft lol but that's the way I ended up feeling. It all did eventually ease off and so I really did believe it was anxiety and that I had managed to overcome it but now its back when i dont even feel stressed. I've gave up on my business which I started on my own at the start of last year because I thought it was the stress of that that caused all of this.

Ive noticed I walk with my shoulders held up and my bum cheeks clenched, constantly grind my teeth (even in my sleep) which I hadn't noticed before so I feel like im maybe just constantly anxious and ive not even realised it until now. Wish I knew for sure it was anxiety and I would accept it more easily. Its trying to accept something your not entirely certain of that's hard for me.

Do you try relaxation things? I'd have laughed one day at the thought of doing anything like that but I've changed a lot recently as I just want to feel normal again and will do anything to make that happen.

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Elliebee0123 in reply to

Mine first arrived a couple of years ago, I did the same as you and faced it head on which worked wonders then so I thought I had it sussed...now it’s come back again which is VERY frustrating and seems harder to power through. I’m trying meditation (though I’m finding it hard to switch off at the minute but will keep trying), yoga, walking and I’ve booked a reiki session...I’m willing to try absolutely anything to try and find something that works for me, I’m also waiting for a CBT appointment 🙄

in reply to Elliebee0123

Hey Elliebee0123,

Sorry to hear it has all come back for you too. It is so frustrating because it takes so much time and energy to get through a phase of this for it to go away for a few weeks and then return again. Did your doctor say it was anxiety then yeah? Are you on any meds for it?

My biggest problem is accepting that its anxiety - if I was certain 100% this its all anxiety I know that I would face it and beat it. Its the uncertainty - I really worry that these symptoms will worsen over time and I will be diagnosed with some awful disease. This is what makes me more anxious and I end up in a never ending downward spiral. I'm constantly looking for re-assurance on the internet but sometimes it makes me worry a lot more. Hoping my doctor can re-assure me tomorrow again but last time I saw her, her answer was anti depressants. Did anything happen to trigger yours back then or did it just come on all of a sudden? X

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Doctors say it’s anxiety, had a million tests etc but all clear (though I still have that fear of it being something else), I was on Sertraline but had to stop it because it made me really rough so now I have Propranolol but it doesn’t do much tbh so I have another appointment this week 🙄 mine seems to come out of nowhere and then I get stuck in a cycle, officially they say I have a panic disorder, GAD and borderline PTSD so the underlying causes need addressing because they trigger the panic constantly, I never know when it’s going to appear but when it does it sticks around for a while. I’m trying to see it as my brain telling me that I need to slow down and make some adjustments to my life x

in reply to Elliebee0123

I'm the same I just read too much things on the internet about other people symptoms and stories and that's a big problem for me.

I hope you can get your medication sorted and find the right one.

I was given fluexotine just before chirstmas as my whole experience left me really depressed, gave me racing thoughts, and I just couldn't stop crying. I took them for 8 days but they made the off balance feeling come back a million times worse so the doctor said maybe they weren't the best ones to take and switched me to Setraline. I stopped the fluexotine for 2 days and was supposed to start the sertraline but I ended up trying without again since my mood did seem to be a bit better after those 8 days (although people say it takes a month or so.) If it wasn't for the terrible side effects I would have kept taking them as I did feel that my mood improved fast with them. I will speak to the doctor tomorrow and see what she advises. Yeah I agree about your brain telling you to slow down I just get confused because I know that I have and I am now exercising more and doing things to relax etc and its come back :( Its good to talk to other people who have the same problems though, although I don't actually wish for anyone to feel this way its horrible :(

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I guess there’s always setbacks, I try and remember that I felt exactly the same before and managed to get past it so even though it’s returned it will also pass eventually (it’s really frustrating though and I struggle to keep positive)...I find it easier to be positive for others than for myself tbh x

in reply to Elliebee0123

I'm the same, I can re-assure people and give them good words to try and help but in my own head I'm a mess! You're right if we did it before we can do it again :) X

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Absolutely!! 💪🏻x

I always get a shock up my body and it goes into my brain I as I’m about to fall asleep I have to sit up quick it’s awful like I’m going to fit or something it’s scary but I have to stay positive what will be will be think I’ve give up hope and just accept the way I have to live to struggle to be dizzy and of balance all day

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Elliebee0123 in reply to Noam123

I get that, it feels like I’m falling off a cliff and it startles me so then I can’t sleep 🙄 stay positive, you’ve survived every day with it so far x

in reply to Noam123

I get hat too now at night. It knocks me out of my sleep and sometimes I feel like im sort of sinking into this state where im going to start shaking. I've had sleep paralysis etc but this feels different its horrible X

Anxiety is a terrible thing all sorts of weird symptoms can rear their ugly heads.

I can so relate to this I get it in the house and when I'm out.

When I'm out walking it feels like I'm off balance to the right so it feels like I'm walking to the right kind of thing.

This is one of the symptoms of anxiety I don't get because if our body perceives something as a threat out body gets us ready to freeze fight or flight how could our body do this if we are off balance.

But I know there's a lot of others have this too.

I have had low blood pressure well 94/62 but I get so bad checking it I've had to stop.

Thanks all having a bad day feel so of balance foggy really feel like I can not take much more

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