Started prozac

Just need some positive vibes here. I had an ok day yesterday but today I just can't relax. I started prozac two days ago so I don't even know if I could be feeling the effects. I also have some increased hazy vision and headache I also just stopped celexa last week after taking it for 2 days per psych since she thought I was having side effects. I also tapered busphar recently by 10 mg so I guess all this is expected. I just need to get through this and give Prozac a fair chance and quit messing with my brain. I also have Ativan which I am afraid to take but this jittery feeling 24 hours a day is horrible. I can't really sleep or do anything. Just reassure me I can get through this.


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  • You are going to be fine. I think those symptoms will go away once the Prozac is in your system. I am getting my medication switched tomorrow and I was thinking about asking her Prozac. What are you taking or for? Anxiety?

  • For anxiety and now also depression. I am really hoping it will help. I have a couple coworkers on Prozac and they love it but no side effects. I think I am sensitive to these drugs because it looks like I get all the side effects. I could never raise Zoloft and I tried Paxil once and it made me so jittery I got right off it.

  • I hope it works for you too. I am scared of all these meds. Zoloft was my first medication ever and didn't work. It sucks

  • I was really lucky that Zoloft worked for me for 20 years at such a low dose but I never had anxiety like this before. I only had panic attacks and that feeling of being in a dream haze. Now I have components of each along with dizziness and shakiness with standing leading me not being able to work ( never happened before). I am scared of all meds too now, I want someone to stay at home with me until my brain adjusts to the med because I don't know what's next but I am not getting off this one at least for 3 weeks, I badly need some relief.

  • Me too. I am willing to try anything. I been on Zoloft for like 7 weeks and it's really not working. I hate the fact that I was to start over. I'm actually scared. Until his day when I take Zoloft I wake up at 2:30am and I am rocking and and forth because my body is full of anxiety. I don't even know where all this anxiety and madness is coming from. I'm telling you... I was perfectly fine 9 weeks ago. I just had normal anxiety with the kids but nothing major

  • Well we will be starting pretty much together since I only started couple days ago. We can share our experience

  • We sure can. Also I lower Zoloft to 50 a few days ago and suddenly I got my appetite back. So I'm wondering if that's a good sign... this is so confusing.

  • I take liquid Prozac 1.2 mg it's better to start small doses then raise your dose slow that way you don't have so many side effects.

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