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cant relax or sleep

Hi i started a new job last week after being out of work for a long time,

and now i cant seem to relax or get to sleep if i do manage to fall asleep its only for about 30-45 mins and i wake up again.

i went to the doctor last wed and he prescribed my 50 mg sertraline and 5mg stilnoct

on thursday i drank alot of beer and took a sleeping pill and accidently took 3 sertraline pills i called the dr and he said i would be fine and i dont feel as bad today but i got little sleep last night I feel quite jumpy and anxious today,

I was wondering if there is any things i can do to lessen this and hopefully help sleep tonite, I was thinking of getting some kalms or rescue remedy.

any thoughts or help would be great thanks

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First well done getting into a position where you can start working again :-)

This is a massive change for you and one that is bound to upset your system for a while until you adapt to your new routine and in time you will :-)

As you are already taking medication which does take several weeks to work personally I would not mix them with anything else not even natural products you can buy but if you went into your Chemist and let them know what you are already taking they could maybe recommend something and something that will be safe with what you are already taking :-)

I was once told " That once you were that exhausted you will start sleeping " and I think that was very true as I was going through a time where I could not sleep , that panicked me because we think we should be able to and the more panic the less likely we will sleep

Maybe do simple things , like a warm bath , hot drink , get the room at a nice temperature , watch a good movie or read and wait till you feel exhausted and then try going to bed , don't allow your mind to start telling you that you should be asleep , let your body do that instead because as I said when you are so tired eventually you will sleep :-)

I wish you all the best in your new job , take life at the moment while you adapt just a day at a time and feel proud of yourself on how much you have achieved :-)

Take Care x

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