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Anyone else find it a chore to like relax? :/

Like wanting to get some good sleep & your anxiety kicks in?

when I want to sleep , I always get fidgety ..or get these sensations , like for example..I got this anxious sensation , that I would get in my stomach , in my upper back ..or maybe in my stomach & thighs ..or I get flustered . I absolutely hate it. Then , sometimes legs feel like jello off & on ..when I go about my errands :/ this is anxiety ? ugh or I feel blah if I haven't eaten ..I know I've had this anxiety for a while thus far but if anyone feels like this & knows how to deal ..let me/& everyone else know lol :))))

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I can so relate. I get every sensation you described and unfortunately I don't know how to rid myself of this long term although I have a few quick fixes that work for me. Camomile tea, warm baths, music and meditation help. The effects wear of quite quickly though. I find though because I have such an anxious mind and the majority of the time I feel so stressed and tense the rare times I feel relaxed my mind mistakes this for being abnormal and I start to feel strange bringing in my anxiety again. Does that even make sense!! I hate, hate, hate anxiety!

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I agree 😔 hate it too lol. It's annoying because ya wanna relax & you're anxious 24/7 it seems. But I tried chamomile ...may have to do the meditation thing


I fully understand how you lot feel.. I have extreme anexity. It renders me unable to sleep till 8-9am, where I'm simply too tired to give a fuck. I also Have vision problems, sudden blurs that pressure on my head and I feel like my brain is being electric shocked by millions of Small volts. I also have a symptom that makes me believe that these symptoms indicate some deadly disease. I also have extreme panic attacks and motivation issues. It is so bad that I can't bring myself to the shower alot of the time. I generally keep clean but I find it hard to do anything unless I get paid then I go out. I also have alot of pain and hallucinations due to it. The only thing that helps me sleep is a small spliff of natural weed at night and it sends me off no problem. I'm not telling anyone to take it but that's my sleep resolve. It doesn't mean that I take loads. These are just a few of my symptoms. My advice is to listen to the music channel CYM or CMA (it's a chill/liquid drum and bass channel and it's very relaxing) it stands for calm your mind or calm my mind but I call it calming my anxiety :) - Alex from UK

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First of all you can go fo psychater and doctor and tell them your story .if you didnt done it yet.

Dont drink cofee or alchoel and not nicottine.

Make sure you drink alot of water during all day long.

Eat well. Make sure eat 3 good meals every day.

Do sport.walking or jogging three times every week.

The must importent is to getgood long every thing you can to have it.


Yeah I've told my counselor.




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