Aren't doctors amazing!!

My doctor fully understand everything I say to him! Just got back and I feel so relieved that someone listens to me!! I went in the room sat down and cried my eyes out he gave me a tissue and gave me a few minutes.. I eventually told him my fears of having bowel cancer and that I thought I had it! He examined me and said I'm fine now I feel 100% until the next illness!! He's hurrying up my cbt so I can start it and feel myself again!! Such a shame he's retiring at the end of the month!! Doctors are just amazing 😊


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8 Replies

  • Sounds like my Dr. He is also retiring soon. And you sound just like me!

  • He really is the best doctor!! Do you have Heath anxiety? It's awful I hate it!! X

  • How fortunate you are to have found a compassionate doctor like that. It seems to me that the doctors retiring are from the old school of medicine where taking time with their patients was used. I hope you find another doctor who will support you and listen to you because that's half the battle of getting better. Best wishes in your success.

  • I've seen a few doctors round there and none are like him they just tell me I'm fine then boot me out the door! He offered me medication yesterday but I kindly declined and he was glad I did ☺️ I will miss him and hope someone like him replaces him! Thank you 😘 X

  • I hope too that you find someone like him. You sound so nice and I'm sure your doctor will miss patients like you as well. It's a two way street. Good Luck. Thinking of you.

  • Aww thank you!! Do you have anxiety as well? X

  • Yes I do have health anxiety as well as trying to get over the agoraphobia. It takes time whether it's for medication to take effect or therapy to make us realize what causes the anxiety and what the effects are. It's a process but nothing comes easy in life.

  • Have you tried cbt? My doctors goin to try hurry it up :( it's so horrible I cry everyday! I should be playing with my 2 year old like I used to x

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