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Doctors appointment today

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I saw my doctor today about my on going illness, he had a look into My ears and said my tinnitus and pain is caused by a eustachian tube dysfunction, and the reason why the antibiotic didn't work is because this is no infection there anymore. If I had eustachian tube dysfunction would it cause, neck pain and jaw stiffness?

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I'm glad you went to your doctor. I wish I had an answer for you but I just don't know. Did you happen to ask your doctor? If not, I'm so with you. I only think of great questions after I've left the office. :)

Hi, i did ask but he didn't give very detailed answers. And I'm the same, soon as I left, I think why didn't i ask this or that. My neck is so strange like I'm finding it difficult to move it and if I move my arms up and down it shakes! Just tonight I've been busy and soon as i lay down the ringing my right ear was so loud and it's constant! I just wish I know what's going with me! :( x

Hi Kayley12345,

I am learning lots about ears from your blogs. Thanks for the updates.

I have a favourite website for learning about health matters. It's called Patient Info.

For your condition go to

Hoping you find some relief real soon

Hello, your welcome and thank you I'll have a look on the website, thanks x

Your symptoms sound like it could be a TMJ problem ( your jaw joint). If you clench your teeth or even hold tension in your jaw it can aggravate this joint. Inflammation in this area could certainly cause neck and ear pain, jaw stiffness and tinnitus. Google symptoms of TMJ disorder and see if yours match up. You can even hold tension in your jaw and clench your teeth at night and not even be aware of it. Many people with TMJ problems think they have an ear infection when it is actually pain from that joint. I hope you feel better soon.

Hi, yes I also thought this could be another possible cause, as I'm struggling to move my jaw up and down, also with swelling around it, thank you for your replying x

Does your jaw actually pop or even feel like it’s slipping out of place?

Yes, when I try to move it up and down, it's like it gets stuck, my ears pop when I do so as well, the tinnitus in my ears is so bad at the moment, feels like I'm going to go deaf :(

I have had TMJ off and on for most of my life and your symptoms sound like me at my worst. Your doctor didn’t see an infection because there isn’t one. It’s most likely inflammation in the joint. Your best bet is to see a dentist. They can evaluate the bone structure of your jaw and see if you will benefit from a mouth guard that will help align your jaw and reduce the inflammation.

I'm going to ask the doctor about it tomorrow. Thank you for your advice, did you ever suffer from on going sinus related issues with it too? Or ear pain?

Also a doctor said she could see a fluid in my middle ears, could that be caused my TMJ

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I have TMJ and yes I get fluid in my middle ear, my tube becomes inflamed. It affects my left shoulder, left side of neck and left side of my face head and jaw. It's very painful. Oh, and yes it affects my sinuses. Only your dentist can tell you if you have TMJ as an x-ray will show it.

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Hi, I will have to get an appointment with my dentist then, did you also have loud tinnitus? x

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Yes I have tinnitus, I take magnesium glycinate which eases everything. Mine is due to a car accident. You must have a reason why it started, have you been checked for autoimmune disorders.

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They have done lots of blood tests, I've got a low white blood and a vitamin d deficiency that's it. I have no idea why I've got tinnitus, it only started 3 months ago

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Hmmmmm, go see a dentist see what they say and try magnesium, it helps alot of things.

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I am having the same problem! Been having it for years!

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TMJ disorder is common with anxiety sufferers because we tend to hold tension in our jaw whether we realize it or not. If your jaw joint is “off” to begin with (just how you’re put together) the constant strain will eventually cause problems. At my worst I had tinnitus, fluid in my ears, and pain all down into my neck and upper back. I saw a massage therapist who specialized in intracranial stuff like that and it did wonders for me— that and a night guard for my mouth. Some people with severe issues will need medication for the inflammation before anything is ever done. Take your symptoms to a dentist. I promise you they’ve seen this before.

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