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Health Anxiety Symptoms-Thought it might be a nice exercise to write out all the diseases I've thought I've had. It's good to see the absurd

Hello everyone,

Always been a worrier, but this year has definitely been the worst. My second kid was born this year, so maybe the fact that my responsibilities have increased and I have a growing family to support has kicked up my anxiety. But, I thought it would be nice for other health worriers to see how many diseases I've thought I've had in a five month stint, to see that maybe there are others out there who constantly worry.

This all really started in November of 2015 for me-so lets start there. Also, each of these worries sent me to the Dr. for diagnosis to be sure I was ok. Trust me on that-I'm still paying off the medical bills.

November: Quit smoking and breath felt a little off due to it. Thought I had lung cancer, COPD, or a clot in my lungs.

December: Heart disease or a pulmonary embolism.

January: Schizoprenia, Bi-Polar disorder. Multiple Personalites or hearing voices. Mania.

February: Cystic Fibrosis. CTEPH. Blood Clots. Nerve Damage

March: Brain Tumor. Lung Cancer (again). MS

April: Parkinson's Disease. Cancer, MS, Carpal Tunnel.

So far, all the Dr's have reported me as healthy. That's after an MRI, Chest X-Ray, Ultra-sound, Stress Test, Nuclear Test, ER Visit, Blood Taken, Spirometry Test, EKG, Blood Pressure Monitoring, CAT scan, GP Visit, Urgent Care Visit, and two specialists. 

I'm telling you this people because it's absurd. I've spent month's of my life worrying about any disease I can concoct symptoms for. My anxiety was (and still is in some ways) so powerful that I created symptoms that were very real. Vomiting, Diarrhea, Constant Coughing, Shaking, Elevated Heart Rate, High Blood Pressure, Confusion, Depression, Crying, Suicidal Thoughts, Headaches, Nausea, Sweating...anything I read that could be a symptom I created only a few days later. Magical thing is after the DR told me that I didn't have whatever I thought I had the symptoms would go away. But, after a few days of relief I would create another disease and on would come more symptoms.

Through all of this I was, and still am, left exhausted. Mentally drained from constant fear of the unknown, terrified of the what-if. All that time, five months gone..and very little living was done in that period-just constantly consumed with death and despair.

If this is similar to you in any way, take comfort knowing you're not alone. In many ways you I admire you because I understand the daily struggle it takes just to pretend to be living. It will get better, I know this because I look at my list and laugh at myself for the absurdity of it. There's enough diseases there to kill a village, and I legitimately thought I had them all at one point.  If you're fighting anxiety, keep it up. You'll win the battle. Give yourself permission to live again.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Best of luck and take care.

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This sounds like me! I have had cancer of the pancreas, cough (lung Cancer) blood clots a brain tumor, asthma the list goes on but you get the picture. Well done for stopping smoking (something I am currently trying to do) it's reassigning to hear a positive outcome for anxiety. It's so difficult to overcome and completely takes over your life.

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Thanks for the response. I forgot to add in my pancreas thoughts and my spinal cancer thoughts too. Haha, it's tough to remember them all.

Best of luck on quitting smoking. There's a terrific quit support on here which helped me alot.


Thank you for that post, I've just read it to my hubby who has similar problems, currently flaring up due to extra anxiety as his mum's seriously ill. 

It does help him to know he's not alone, he feels stupid sometimes but I tell him his anxiety is the "disease" he's got so he shouldn't be so hard on himself.

I wish you a lovely worry free day. Take care xxx

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O.M.G..you have just described me to a T. My problem started 9 years ago when I lost my mum to cancer and she died in my arms my entire life has spiralled out of control every pain I get I associate it with what my mum died of!!! I go months without any symptoms and even live a normal life then I go on one of my anxiety fear of dieing episodes my trigger this time I think is because I've just found out my uncle has myeloid leukaemia so now I have a kidney infection I think I've got kidney or bladder cancer I know it sounds stupid but these episodes will last weeks and then all of a sudden I snap out of it!!! I always had morning terrors of panic and anxiety but now it's at night too I'm waking up hyperventilated heart racing feels like my heart is coming out my chest I go red hot I constantly shake and I shake my legs rapidly I'll take my anti depressants then after half hour I'll calm down then not have a bad day then it's night time and it starts all over again then wen my temperature or blood pressure gets high I associate it with my mum wen she was dyeing cuz hers was always high towards the end of her illness and then I'd think omg I'm dying my blood pressure is high like mums was so I must have what she had then off I go again out of control just convinced I'm going to die it's absolutely stupid I get like this but it's always news of dying or death that kicks starts me up again I am literally so fed up of the whole entire anxiety panic thing and always worrying I just wanna live a normal life I have a beautiful husband who is usually supportive but this last episode he's been quite nasty about it he told me to get a grip and that I'm not dieing to sort myself out or I'm gonna end up in a nuthouse in the 16 years I've been with him he has never said that to me think he's had enough anyway I'm just glad I'm not alone and that it's sort of somewhat normal xx


Reading this post reminded me of my early attempts at trying to pinpoint the root cause in order to eradicate the problem so I made a diary of every symptom I had.I still have that diary from thirty years ago and all it does it confirms what anxiety is all about.The command centre ( brain ) communicates with every part of the body on two networks.Sympathetic and parasympathetic .Needless to say but every main organ is on the involuntary network in as much as it runs without conscious intervention.Until the other pathway gets out of kilter...!

The voluntary groups such as muscles nerves however run on your input state of mind....even when you are at rest with your gear in neutral , they are waiting for you to offer them a command.

Start thinking about bills and health issues and it isn't long before your muscles tense up inside and out.

Throw in a few ingredients like adrenaline ...noradrenaline... Deplete your stock of cortisol and serotonin and the recipe is complete.Congrats you have just baked a big anxiety cake  because every part of you body gets affected and as you calm down one part, another part takes control ....Solution is to recognise this as part of the anxiety trying to stay put which is within.Now it is quite normal to have some anxiety when faced with an unknown situation ...but known situations shouldn't cause those problems That eventually tip your natural balance and peace of mind....anyone who has inner tensions no matter where from can be likened to someone at a traffic light with gear in neutral, revving the engine.

Learn to quieten your inner motor and pay no heed to the traffic around you or any feeling that makes you blip your accelerator.Keeping focus on the symptoms actually feeds the merry go round you are trying to stop spinning.

You really do have to relearn how to relax and let these feelings wash over you, they can't kill you..they just steal you energy and peace of mind.Find ONE method of relaxation and just stick with that and master it.Trying lots of different ones with cause you to lose the mastery of doing nothing and accepting everything.

Sorry about all the analogies I sometimes use them to lighten my mood.

Long story short....you could live to a ripe old age eating that recipe in big gulps. But life tastes sweeter when you take smaller bites and longer to savour its flavours.Hope this didn't ramble on too much.


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