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I know this isn't anxiety related but lately I have been trying tinder the app to try to find a girlfriend or being friends first with a girl anyways. I was texting her and making small conversation with her until she started to ignore me and I don't know what I did wrong and I really liked her and tried to text her again but she kept on ignoring me. I tried giving her space and leaving her alone and now that I texted her today she ignored me. I guess I'm not good with girls. it's just that I never had a girlfriend or never had my first kiss either and I have been depressed because I have been alone and single for 18 years.

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  • Maybe you just need to try with someone else. She obviously wasn't the right one. When you meet her you'll know. I think maybe Tinder isn't what you're looking for because it's a hookup app and I think you're looking for more than just a hookup. Maybe just a hookup would be good so you have a little experience with girls, maybe you should keep trying with what you're doing now. Best of luck.

  • it's just that I don't want to hookup with girls I actually want to find the right girl and befriend her then become her boyfriend

  • These dating apps can work for some people, but you have to remember that not everyone is looking for the same thing, you'll find people use these apps for many different reasons, some are genuinely looking for long-term partners and commitment while others maybe just want to boost their egos by having someone flirt with them, some want to meet up quickly while others just seem happy to chat online, some people even become addicted to the attention they get from the sites like tinder etc, so please don't feel rejected or disheartened, there are millions of people out there looking for love and real companionship, your very.young so you have plenty of time to meet your soulmate, she's out there somewhere,just don't rush things and don't jump into anything too quickly, in the meantime you can enjoy chatting to different girls, you may even form new friendships? When the right girl for you comes along you'll instinctively know, she will show the same interest in you as you will her, so don't worry, be patient :-)

  • I guess you're right I have plenty of time to find my soul mate. And I guess there will be the right girl out there for me I just have to be patient. thanks

  • Hi Geometro, you did not do anything wrong. I'm sure you are good with girls but she just wasn't the right girl. Don't let that get you down. There's no rush for that "first kiss". It will happen in due time and will be worth the wait. Don't sell yourself short. You sound like a good guy. Without having to do anything, that special girl will come into your life. Good Luck

  • Thanks

  • I'll date ya! Lol, f*ck people who don't want us! Sorry I am just going through hell! Anxiety, stupid ex bf who doesn't appreciate me one damn bit! So screw anxiety! And screw people who don't want us!!!!!

  • I have really bad anxiety too I have hypochondria and it's health anxiety.

  • Yeah me too. Mine is ridiculous. Don't be yourself up. I know it sux, I am suffering too. If I told you what mine is truly like most of you would feel better.

  • Just read this post , and having a daughter who is just starting to talk to boys , it's nice to know there are still guys like you out there, don't sooty if you havnt had a girlfriend or a first kiss , that will happen with the right girl. My son didn't start dating till 18 either and he is a good guy, he is now 27 and in a relationship , he didn't want just any girl , so see, enjoy your life and it will all fall into place. One step at a time .

  • You're right I need to wait for the right girl. I will try to enjoy life and thanks for the advice

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