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Today i woke up ok sneezen lol but better than before i just hope it stays like that! ima have too go grocery shoppn in an hour or 2 will see how that goes.? last night i kind of felt out of place! i made the bubby something to eat regardless if i felt sick and my left arm was hurting hubby said his knees hurts they everybtime its gold so he went to sleep after eating ....didnt care about how ive been feeling fir the past week . he gets mad because i didnt pay attention even tho i wanted too so bad ! i wanted him too feel how it feels going threw it alone . when i tell him how im feeling he just tells me to take advil or drink a beer or smoke weed im like seriously every now and then its ok not every day it upsets me uhg we sapose to go to laketahoe but the way i feel i think ima just stay behindb

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Nice picture. 😊 i can place a face whenever you post from now on. But I think it's good to try and gain momentum off of your good moments and stick with it throughout the day. Keep thinking of how you feel and go with that. Even though I need to use my same advice. But like you say, just keep on with your day until something does decide to creep up and bother you. Yeah I know how it can be feeling like your significant other is not comforting you like you think they should. It makes you feel more alone. But I hope your days continue to go well.

Thank you i try no matter how im feelimg that smile always stays on . i appreciate it ibhooe it stays like that too hopefully . it would be nice if my husband would be more caring he takes everything like a joke 99% of the time he doesnt knowhow it feels what we go threw ... men are complicated and annoying lol

Crystal88, Oh you are adorable..hard to believe there is so much pain and fear behind that cute little smile. Sending you a "hug" to let you know we all care. x

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Thank you i always hide how i feel

I say take that trip to tahoe no matter how yoh feel you have to fight it, if you have any bad moments just talk to yourself positively

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I know but i will try my best i dont want to go so far

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