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Help so I started working last month anxiety faded everything was great didn't feel sick like I usually do I was super fine so I'm not working anymore and starting to feel dizzy weak sleepy and chest pain . So scared now . Trying to tell my self it's just anxiety any answers do you guys think it's really anxiety I was so good for 1 whole month but these horrible symptoms are coming back 😒😒


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  • I'm no doctor but I suffer from anxiety and it comes and goes as much or as little as it want. I hate it I don't feel that bad when I'm at work I still get anxiety as work but not as bad as I do when I'm sat around, for some reason my anxiety started as I was writing this message that how unpredictable anxiety is, so try not to worrie and trust my I no it easer said than done

  • I think it's anxiety. Obviously, I'm not a dr. That's just my opinion. So, seeing a doctor is always good. I think now that you're not working, you're focusing back on the anxiety. There's more time to think about anxiety, where as working, you're constantly distracted. Try to do things on the daily to distract yourself from overthinking and thinking about anxiety.

  • You need to occupy your mind be doing things or your fall into the anxiety trap, that is when it takes over your whole life. You also need your friends around you as much as possible

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