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I'm excited because its my Zumba class at 6pm this evening. That's where I get my dose of endorphins and adrenaline rushing to my head, 'quick fix' as my partner calls it. That's where I become myself not a fake as I normally feel. I still has social anxiety in the Zumba class but because I love to dance to music so much I get carried away and forget about all the 'cares' in the world, I become a different person to what I normally be.

I recommend anyone with anxiety to do more of things you like and just lose yourself in it you'll see what i'm talking about, it doesn't matter what it is you like, as long as its healthy, it will produce the same good/uplifting feeling.

We need to keep going guys there's life to live we have to live it as God intended us to do.

Wishing speedy recovery to all those having a bad day today due to anxiety. Just remember it will soon pass.

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Such an uplifting post ..thank you x


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