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Feeling fed up

I am fed up with the way i feel at the moment, i have anxiety, IBS, acid reflux and lots of muscle pain in my neck and shoulders.

I have had a cold for nearly 3 weeks i have been checked for infection as i was coughing up thick green stuff but doc said my chest was clear. That was a week ago now i am struggling to catch my breath (occasionally ), sometimes i cant finish a sentence without having to cough my chest really hurts it feels like it is on fire, my back hurts too.

A doctor rang me today and said it sounds like the viral infection is clearing up as im not coughing up green stuff and that i have probably pulled muscles in my chest coughing. But if i get pain in my neck or jaw ( which i do anyway and have a mouth guard) or pain in my arms especially the left ( which i do because of my neck and shoulders and reflux) or if im pale and clammy ring for an ambulance.

I have a pulse meter that u put on your finger and my pulse is roughly 73 and oxygen is 99 the pain in my chest also moves places, i said to doc would pulse and oxygen be stable if it was my heart and would the pain move, she said no to both, she also said the pain would be more sharp and stabbing.

I am really worrying the pain woke me at 4am today, i am a single mum to 2 lads and i laid there thinking do i ring an ambulance or not.

She said i should get checked over again but said she didn't think it was urgent.

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