Fed up with feeling dizzy

My anxiety constantly makes me feel dizzy, does anyone else get this and do u have any tips to help. X


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  • Hi I use to get this a lot At first !!! Not now though it just calmed down and went on its own did last awhile though ! Just be patient it will get better :-) x

  • I get a little bit dizzy some times think it is very common . but also get a muggy head like a numb feeling and my eyesight goes a bit blerry sometimes. do u get any other things??

  • i get the exact same symptoms as you

  • I have had that many times but find the epley movement works the GP did it first and then my Husband did it worked for me.

  • What's this please share

  • The epley movement has to be shown you by a GP and then any body can do it on you,it means lying on the bed upside down with your head over the end of the bed and thy hold your head and turn it to the right then the left while you stare at the floor that's it basically but you would ave to get the leaflet from GP or yo may be able to download it .Good Luck

  • Just seen this. I had this once but was laying on my back. I got ENT next week for this. The first time i had it i colkapsed two days later and from there anxiety started. Im not looking forward to it again. However dnt think mine was done right by my gp



  • The dizzy head used to make me freak out but don't get it much at all. Even thou I get the muggy head still. It will fade xxx

  • I've had this feeling for about a year and I think mine is caused by stress I would love to get rid of it if I could I think it might get rid of my Anxioty

  • i am dizzy daily and its stopping me from having my normal life of independence. its taken what little confidence i had away.

  • Yes it does take confidence. Has mine. Vertigo is awful. I cant look to the right and up at the same time as my head wil go. Vetigo can also make you feel very ill. You can take med for it but not if you on a ad.



  • Yes the same as me! I have no confidence either. I just keep thinking i will pass out or something xx

  • I get the same everyday, sometimes its not so bad but others its terrible and I have to stay home.. Feels like the floor moves and I can't balance, I just stand against a wall or try to sit down till it eases.x

  • I get the dizzy head, the warm feeling as well. Sometimes it feels like my brain is on fire. The dizziness is the worst part, normally it happens when I am walking and I feel the floor moving.

    All of this happens when I am really anxious but it does seem to go away when I am at home. Today I tried something new, because normally I just keep telling myself that I am not sick and I am not going to die. This normally brings me back to 'normal'. What I did do today was I have a bead necklace that I now carry with me in my pocket and when things get funny I just start counting the beads. It really helps.

  • ReggieA, the floor moves doesn't it!! Thank god its not just me.. I put a finger in one ear or index finger in that space on my brow, just above the nose there's a bone level with your eyebrows, just above that bone is a space, put slight pressure there it helps me.x

  • Brilliant advice, I'll try that for sure. Thanks for that januk. Cheers. xx

  • Love your pic, speaks volumes to me. A beautiful lane, we just need to get past all those slippery leaves and them we can stand in the sun!! Something to look forward to and fight for. Hope you ok reggieA


  • Really like your view of my picture, interesting interpretation. Makes loads of sense.

    I am ok, hope you are ok as well Jan. :) xx

  • Great advice i will try the bead thing. Thankyou xx

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