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I'm so fed up of health anxiety now!!! 😩😭


Hello guys I've had a kidney infection and I feel it's now clearing up but I've got this horrible pain in my lower back so now my health anxiety is through the roof again keep thinking of pancreatic 'C' cuz my mum died of it and I remember she had bad back pain I'm scared to go back to the Drs in case he tells me ought bad!!! I'm just fed up of feeling like this now it's taking over my life I used to be so bubbly now I hardly eat I'm tired all the time and this HA is taking over my life I just don't know what to do.my husband works and I dread every morning cuz of being on my own 😭😭

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I was like that but had a heap of scans and then reassured myself I'm ok :) Everything has been checked and bloods done so nothing wrong. I found that once I started getting out & about very small steps and has taken months I'm feeling much better, doing more around the house and not getting the lightheadedness I was getting so try and face your fears I know easier said than done but it can be done :) Goodluck X 

Thanks chick xx

I had a kidney infection and was on meds, I had terrible pain in my back and side. The doctor told me it can take a good few weeks after infection has gone for all the pain to settle, it was 3 weeks after when I noticed I wasn't having that pain anymore. I have HA too and suffer most days.

Thanks lolly75 yeh it's not nice to have this  it's evil isn't it x

Anxiety could be related to losing your mother..

Have you considered Bereavment counselling...

May be a good start..x

stde hi I've had bereavement counciling twice and they did help majorly but obviously it only lasts a few weeks I've had cbt therapy that helped for a while but back to square one again u r right though it's cuz I lost my mum that started it 

stde in reply to Natzsteveo

Here is a tip, I don,t know if your mum has a place of rest.....

If so write her a letter, there wil be tears, telling her about the good times,and how much you loved and miss her..

Tell her how much your hurting and ask for her help to let you understand it was her time....

Do this on one sheet of paper, roll it up tight and go to a recognised place of rest and push it into the soil......

You have taken the first step....God bless.xx

I am so sorry 😭😭😭

You realize that you are letting your hypochondria take over your life?!?! No, its horrible! Just remember that you can't die from health anxiety and I am sorry about your mom but you probably won't have it!! I know that it is extremely hard to think optimistic (I am also a hypochondriac) but remember that its not a 100% chance that you will get it. Think about it, some people who have 0 cancer in their family have it while some who have cancer in their family don't. And remember that if you do get this disease...you can get treated❗️❕ Please don't put yourself in the same position as your mom because you aren't her! I understand that pancreatic cancer is pretty rough but that doesn't mean that you will have it.

And also, please don't stay away from the doctors, they are probably the #1 people who can physically help you and if you really are letting your thoughts get to you, please please please go get tested. Ultrasound, blood test etc. That will help!

Remember that the present is the present and the future is the future and the past is that past. And it always stays that way. I know it sounds hard but try cheering yourself up. Watch funny movies/videos, talk to someone about this, read etc. You most likely don't have pancreatic cancer. 

I know the feeling of thinking that you have some horrible sickness/disease. Ugh its horrible.

P.S. I just looked up kidney infection and it says that back pain is very common

I wish you luck!!!

Awwww thanks consciousx  wow these r very wise words and you als know how I'm feeling like everyone on here does thanks very much for this means the world to me 

Your welcome :)))

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