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New therapist

Hi all,

So I've had a tough 3 weeks, one of my sons developed shingles then 2 weeks later a really bad water infection. The shingles were easy to deal with as apart from them hurting him he was ok but the water infection was awful....his temperature spiked at 39.9c, he was hallucinating and wouldn't eat. I hardly slept and needless to say my anxiety was at its highest...thankfully he's back to his lovely happy self now.

I've got a new therapist....have only seen her twice....due again to see her every Tuesday.

She's a lovely woman and I'm hopeful that she can help me :) At my first appointment right at the end she said "im going to give my professional opinion on the conditions you have" I was happy as I could finally know exactly what I was suffering from other than 'just anxiety' but as she started to list it all I felt deflated and just thought 'yup my brains scrambled and I'm a mess' here's what she said I'm suffering from:

.General Anxiety Disorder

.Social Anxiety Disorder

.Health Anxiety


.Body dysmorphia

.Post traumatic stress disorder (?)

.Panic something or other

She also told me because I'm suffering with lots of different a types of anxiety it shows her that I'm not able to cope with everyday stresses/threats very well.

I've been down ever since, I've gone through anger and now I'm at the it's not fair part. I just want to be 'normal'....God I hate that word but I'm sure use get what I mean.

Ok so now I'm rambling and probably not making a lot of sense....I apologise, barley no sleep and trying to vent doesn't agree with me.

Have a great weekend x

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Sorry you have been through such a stressful time with your Son been so ill but glad he is on the mend now :-)

I do think when we have anxiety we are our own worse critics as seeing your Son so ill and nursing him would make any ones stress levels soar never mind someone that already has anxiety but on a positive you did it you nursed him despite your anxiety so I hope you will see that you are a lot stronger than you think :-)

As for the therapist labelling all that she feels is wrong when you put them altogether it is all anxiety just labelling in each way how every part of your anxiety affects you and you will find as you get to the root of your anxiety all these labels of what you are suffering from will one by one drop of , most of us suffering with anxiety suffer in several different ways so you are quiet " Normal " in that respect :-)

As for wanting to be normal what is normal ? I doubt anyone is , we just know what are issues are where others well they don't but I think everyone has some kind of problems they just are better maybe at ignoring them , so I would think positive you know you have anxiety and you know with help you can do something about it :-)

Hope you have great weekend to :-)

Take Care x


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