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Too anxious to go to a therapist

I came on here looking for guidance on how to get over my fear of talking to someone. Please any advice would be great. I suffer from aerophagia which is why I think I have anxiety. I also have a lot of the other symptoms.

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hi if this could be a start for you in talking to others use it as a step forward then so it will make it easier for you to talk to a therapist.but talking is important in our recovery.


Hi Hedgehog223, we're here to listen whenever you feel comfortable enough

to talk with the many supportive people on this site. I once had a problem like

you are experiencing. The symptoms went on for a while causing my anxiety or

did my anxiety cause the symptoms. I finally found a doctor who asked me a

bizarre question after my telling him my problem. "How much gum do you chew

in a day?" I answered many sticks of gum. I'm nervous and chewing gum helps

calm me. Well apparently it was also allowing more swallowed air in my stomach.

I was asked to stop my gum habit for a couple weeks and come back to see him.

Never had to, the problem disappeared.

I now am well aware, when hyper, stressed or just plain anxious, I tend to swallow

more air as I talk as well as eat. I too use to be nervous when talking with people.

All that is in the past now. I'm so glad you found this site. We welcome you Hedgehog.

It's going to be okay. You now have a place to come where you aren't alone. xx


Thank you that means so much to me.

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Hedgehog, do you know what it is about talking to someone that makes you nervous? Like for example, fear of being vulnerable, or fear of new and strange people, or fear of being mistreated or dismissed? Narrowing down a more specific cause might help you figure out how to work around it!


I think I’m afraid of their response. The people in my life react really strongly so I have to hide things from them and now I’ve developed a fear of telling people things about myself and my feelings.


I understand that. The reason I joined this group is so I can start to open up to people more. I realize that I can get out of habit of communicating


Hi Hedgehog. I've found that talking to a therapist is not quite like any other conversation I've had. Most of the time it's more about just saying what's on your mind and coming up with alot of your own insights, very little time is spent as an actual two way conversation. I understand your nervousness and I think your therapist will too and will likely put you at ease fairly quickly. They are trained to know how to do that. Best of luck to you on your journey of self discovery 😊

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Many insurance companies and drs now provide tele medicine so you can skype with or have a session via tbe pc from home. Is that possible for you?


I probably could do that however I don’t know if I would feel comfortable because I still live with my parents and I wouldn’t want them to hear.


I would say please tell them.they cant help you if they don't know.it would be harder to tell them the longer you are suffering.im sure they would bend over backwards to help you.


Hi Hedgehog223, I hope this note helps ,I have anxiety ,but Sucess I have gained from-some therapy in the last 6years! Yes it’s possible ,to walk forward to asking for supportive counselling,I was nervous and was unsure but this society has given me back my confidence to move forward since my sessions ,by thinking of the positives .Ask your Gp for guidance and try for your self to jot down the positives on paper like a homework after you see the negatives as well ,this in turn when you look at the homework will be much more clearer as ,sometimes it can at times feel jumbled just trying to formulate inside the brain .Try dear it’s for yourself firstly and equally as a bonus for others around too!Take the first step I assure you it has made the fog in my past much more clearer!This I can I say again as a past nurse I feel better and your life will be more enriched x Good Luck

,God Bless you for Guidance


Welcome Hedgehog223! Congratulations on taking a step out of your past. You seem to be fearful of your parents' reactions. Moving forward is often scary because we are afraid of negative reactions especially from our family. I understand. I was afraid to tell anyone I was going to counseling. Yet, Christian counseling FREED me from my fears, self-doubt, and sense of worthlessness. It gave me a place to figure out how my past had affected me and develop new communication skills and confidence. I began to understand I am lovable, enough, worthy, and thankful for whom God made me to be. I am like no other person and that is good! I would encourage you to step out and try! Blessings to you and please keep posting.


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