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Jaw clenching

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About 4 months ago, I noticed I started clenching my jaw really really tight. It's gradually got worse as time has gone on. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and be clenching it so tight it's so shocking! It's crazy! It's like I'm biting on a rope that's gonna stop me dropping over a cliff or something! I'm clenching like my life depends on it. It's causing me real pain now. In my back teeth and my whole jaw all the time. I never relax properly. My neck and shoulders are also constantly full of tension. Its like my body isn't capable of relaxing!! It's really getting to me, I'm in pain all the time but I can't stop clenching or tensing my neck and shoulders! 😭😭

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I have the same problems!! I am always so tense and I get pain in my back that wraps around into my ribs! My jaw was inflamed not to long ago because I was clenching my teeth so hard together when I slept. I finally got a mouth guard and it helped and now I don't clench my jaw at all anymore. But I have a lot of soreness like in my arms and in my back and the doctor said that my muscles are inflamed. It's scary at times because I get these pains in my chest and of course I think the worst. I have severe anxiety so I'm always really tense.

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I have tension alll the time im never relaxed it sucks any pain i feel i think the worse.

I do this and have a mouth guard i also get terrible pain in my neck and shoulders ive had tests, scans, mri, and im told its just anxiety. It is awful i cant seem to relax, ive had physio meds and im seeing a chiropractor but nothing seems to help.

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