Jaw pain

Does anyone ever get a nagging/achy feeling in their jaw and cheek area? Being that I know jaw pain can indicate a heart attack in women I am admittedly getting nervous and trying so hard not to panic because then I know all of my physical anxiety symptoms will start. Ugh


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  • If you don't mind me asking, are you dealing with any other medical issues? If so, rule that out first. I have jaw pain and I think it's from tension. I went to the dentist to rule out anything else and I'm seen by a doc weekly. If there aren't any other symptoms I would suspect that everything is fine. There isn't anything wrong with getting checked out to make sure.

  • I am healthy. The only thing over than the anxiety/panic disorder i struggle with is hypothyroidism

  • Ok. I was just wondering if something else could be contributing. I hope you find a solution soon.

  • Do u clench down on your teeth?

  • Come to think of it, I think I do overnight sometimes. I will have mornings where I wake up feeling like I clenched in my sleep

  • That's the reason why it can cause jaw pain tension headaches as well I was suffering with that problem as well.

  • Hi had jaw and cheek pain 24/7 had yr now I have out mine down my anixerty ..akways a bad head to yes feel crap hate this feeling :(

  • Those articles about heart attack symptoms are so scary, especially if you have a bad family history, as I have. Every ache or pain in the chest, back or jaw has me ready to dial 999!

  • I have this and my dentist belives i have TMJ...I am going to get a mouthgurad fitted soon at the myofacial clinic....i have deep sympathy for you it is horrible.....i am hypothyroid and my dentist told me it often accompanies that disease.....also i think i have high cortisol...yet to be confirmed.....i feel it almost flares up..ringing in my head and cognitive impairment.....and then the pain in my jaw...just throbs.....i have had a huge amount of stress recently and had a thyroid crash last summer..took me a long time to get optimal....i feel like i am almost stuck with this now......i rest as much as I can and pray that my cortisol will lower.....my tongue also seems to veer toward the right side of my face.....none of this voluntary.....i hope you will be better soon......no pain killers have touched it....i even sometimes have a little diazepan to realx my face..but that doesnt really do anything either......keep in touch..xxx

  • This is due to subconsciously clenching your jaw. So when you relax it, it aches. It's very common. I've both had and overcome it.

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