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My jaw is killing me 🙈

So I'm a tooth grinder at night and I wear a mouth guard! When I wake up my teeth are killing me 😁 And through out the day my jaw really hurts feels heavy so I have to put the mouth guard in to stop it.. And I gritting my teeth through the day without realising? When I'm busy I dont notice because the aching goes.. Now I think there's something wrong with me again!! X

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I grind my teeth and yes it really does make your jaw ache :-o

I can only think of maybe could you wear the gum shield when you are in the house during the day to help even though I know they are for night it would not hurt and could give you that relief from the pain it causes

Unless you grind your teeth you really don't realize you can be doing it without knowing so it is not as easy to stop as some may think

What about chewing gum or a boiled sweet , again not good for the teeth but may stop you doing it for a while

I am not sure how we stop doing this as even when I do not feel anxious I find myself still doing it I hope someone may come a long with some suggestions :-)

Take Care x


Yeh me to I don't feel anxious and then the jaw ache comes then makes me feel anxious I can't win lol.. Also I do wear it around the house and in the car! I'm gunna buy some chewing gum because I just chewed on my mouth peice and the pain wasn't there so maybe that will help.. Thankyou xx

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I totally know where you are coming from. I had it so bad it was going into my ear. I kept thinking something was wrong with me but from stress I was grinding my teeth at night and clenching down on my jaw. It really messed with me bad I really thought something was truly wrong with me. When stress went away the pain went away and the grinding of the job went away

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Do you know I've just woke up and now my ears are weird they feel blocked and I can't unblock them 😁 X


I'm so sorry this is happening to you it is literally the worst thing ever. It made me feel like I was losing my mind literally. I started to think there was so many things wrong with me and I was dwelling on it everyday and it was just stress and me clenching my teeth at night. I would sit on the computer for hours trying to diagnose myself with so many different things and I thought I had TMJ and many other things that were not the issue at all. I learn to cope with my stress and move on and it all went away also do you have any neck pain because I had serious neck pain from it all from tense muscles


I would go see my dentist and see if he can help


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