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Jaw clenching and shoulder pain!

Hi Everyone,

I try not to put my moans and groans on here as I know you all have your own worries to bear.

But I seem to clench my jaw so much and so hard all the time, it's like a natural state for me. My shoulder and upper back muscles hurt all the time.

This may seem a strange description, but it makes me feel shaky, nauseous and dizzy. My eyes feel and look tired, watery and itchy and my hair just feels dry and and as though it doesn't belong to me...

I need to learn not to clench, any ideas? Obviously it's worse at night and I wake up feeling horrible every day.

Be so grateful for an ideas, I have had a mouth guard, but chewed it in half 😊. Thanks x

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Learn progressive muscle relaxation techniques. Lots on YouTube

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Thanks I'll take a look.


Also have a relaxing bath before you go to bed. And a milky drink. Put your body in a warm place

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I will actually try that, as I always have a bath in the mornings, too tired in the evening, but you may be right... And that milky drink. Maybe I should start looking after myself more....as my life has been very stressful for the past few years.

Thank you


Always look after yourself, your the only one who can. Difficult at times, I know, especially when people make you feel guilty. But, when you start saying no a couple of times it is quite surprising how liberating it can become.

Regards JP


You are right. Making me think.

Thank you x


All of that i know all too well :) And in my case, those (and other) symptoms all came as delayed reactions to a very short course of Cipro and then Avelox , Fluoroquinolone antibiotics. This may sound nuts, but it's true. If you took one of these antibiotics prior to the onset of these things, that may be your culprit. I use a mouth guard that I bought at the drugstore at night--I still clench, but it helps, and if you chewed through yours, I'd say get another. I find taking a magnesium supplement helps with the pain, I avoid ibuprofen and other NSAIDS and all drugs, really, even over the counter. I also take a collagen supplement that helps with the strange eye troubles, etc. If you did take an antibiotic prior to this, you may not put the dots together--but there is a great site that helps people who have the toxicity called Floxiehope.com.



No I haven't taken any antibiotics.

I have been run ragged for the past 9 years travelling and working away from home. I have now left my job, can't do it anymore.

I have tried taking magnesium, but I think I may have taken too much, might try again with a lesser dose...Thank you for your ideas.


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