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I'm new here

HI, I am new here, and I am here because my fourteen-year-old daughter has been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. She was just officially diagnosed with an anxiety disorder a few days ago. She has an insane amount of stress and pressure from her high-performing public school and the classes she is in there, and all of that together has been enough to lead to the development of anxiety this school year. She is also a perfectionist and is very emotionally intense, which, of course, contributes to all of this. She just started meds for the panic attacks and will be seeing a psychologist in addition to a psychiatrist. I am just so so worried for her. We need all the help and support. Thanks so much.

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Hello and welcome! ☺ I myself struggle every day with anxiety. It is very hard. I'm glad to hear that you and your daughter are taking steps to getting her better. Life can be very rough at times and I hope she finds what works for her. I wish you both the best! ☺


Thanks so much! Your words mean a lot. :)


You are very welcome ☺


Thank you. No, I do not believe her school is the right place for her. This was not a problem for her until just a month and a half ago, but we are looking at making a change for her just as soon as it is possible.


Oh wow! That is so wonderful! You are giving me hope. :)

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