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Cant sleep

I hate this feeling i feel sick!! I smoked some weed to see if it help with nausea and the feelimg on my chest my hearts been act or beating weird ! They say my heart is fine even tho i have a heart murmur ...i get scared time to time because how i feel i feel like dien ....but all pray my dad passed away from a.heartnattack in 2007 ot comes in the.jeans i know im not having a heart attack im 28 years old but anythimg is possible ...but im afraid of my heart stoping i hate this ...god please protect me ...i know ive not been perfect i drink beer on occasionally i know ive told you i would cutt down.... and smoking weed but its helped me alot please for give me for my sin . Please exten my life for my children they need me and please let this go away what ever sythom im having . ...may all of you have a great night! Tomorrow is not a promise .....but live to the fullest god bless you

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dont be so hard on yourself. everyone makes the wrong choices and mistakes we are human. I have health issues and sometimes i have a drink. i have in the past had some weed and i know it made my anxiety worse and more paranoid of my worries so i dont think thats the best idea even if others tell you it is. if you really worry see a dr. but im sure that you be ok and god listens to your prayers and is always with you. xx

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Ya i know but i feel bad weed really helps me but i try to stay away from it beer helps me too but yesterday is wasnt cutting it ...i feel ok today feel like its coming on tomorrow hopefully theres an opening for me i cant do this no more i mean it can be worse but i just dont like the sick bad feeling in my chey my dr cardiolist saud my heart is fine but it dont feel fine its complicated lol


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