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Partner finished with me after 1 year and I cant eat/sleep

Hi all,

I have been with my parther for 14 months, i came back off holiday last wednesday and out of the blue he called me to say it was over!!

I cant understand it, we get on brilliantly and never argue...there was no incling that this was going to happen. He just said he cant see a future for us?

I did go to get my things from his and it was like he had just shut down completely and was really cold with me. He has said its definitely over and that he does not want to see me again.

He is 8 years older than me and had quite a bad divorce 3 years ago from a 20 year relationship. Am i just a rebound?

I have not eaten since last wednesday, i cant sleep and generally feel really low.

I dont know what to do?


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Sorry to hear this Amy :-( did he understand your condition with anxiety etc ? Maybe u was a rebound or he didant love u enough to care about what u been going through and had enough ! I mean what was your relationship like with on a day to day basis ? Has he always been there for u ? Sounds like he had enough sorry to say that but Something's not right there ! Have u spoke to him since or he's he ignored u at all ? I'm here for advice ! Hope u find mr wright :-) ....


My anxiety was never mentioned to him as i have been on the tablets for 3 years so was in a happy place. We only saw each other on a sunday and monday night due to child commitments.

He has always been there and we were really happy!! I feel like something happened while i was away and he decided he could not do it anymore?

God knows...all i know is that my anxiety has now come back full force!!


Arrrrr sounds wired to me ! Sorry to ask this Amy do u think maybe he cheated when u was on holiday ? Did u trust him ? Sounds like he's found someone else gods knows only he does ! Sorry to say but u have think that way in your circumstances ! Good luck anyways hope u get better ...


And I don't know bout sleep cause we all carn't sleep ! But u must (EAT) ....


Hi Amy,

Could he have worked things out with his ex? Could be a number of reasons but all you have to do is realize you are where God wants you to be. You were simply not meant to be with him. And as hard as that is to hear, it will all work out in the future. Be thankful the relationship wasn't longer. That would be even more difficult. Please eat though, even if it is just toast. Don't ever let anyone get the best of you. Be strong. Xo


He hasn't gone back to his ex, i know that for sure as she is living with someone else.

I think maybe he ran before he could walk and unfortunately i was the rebound!

Thank you for your reply, very true x


It is difficult when the other person doesn't give you closure or explanation. Especially when there was no hint of anything wrong before. I have been told that writing a letter may help a little as if to him, you don't have to send it to him in the end, but maybe you could explain how lost you are now without him and just need some closure or whatever.

I do hope things will get better in time apparently it's usually only time and distraction that heals.


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