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Anxiety after alcohol


Hi guys, hope you are well

This is my first post, I seem to struggle with bad anxiety for a week or more after a night of heavy drinking, I know most people get the ' hangxiety the next day' but mine seems to last a lot longer than that.. The symptoms I get are worry, shortness off breath, social anxiety, negativity, pins n needles, brain fog, restlessness, can't seem to cope with the smallest of tasks, tight chested, sensitive to light and so on, and this can last up to 2 weeks!!

Can anyone relate ? Xx

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Hi alcohol is a well known depressant and can make anxiety worse as well. You are obviously very susceptible to it and the simple answer would seem to be don't have heavy drinking nights. Don't listen to friends moaning that you aren't keeping up with them, I have had a lifetime of that and it's not worth it. x

Bushkin87 in reply to hypercat54

Thank you very much for your reply.

I couldn't see much on the net, just a day or 2 after...

I know it's hard with friends especially as they don't understand what anxiety condition is.. x

hypercat54 in reply to Bushkin87

Well you haven't got to say it's because of anxiety or anything. Just say you get a hangover which lasts for too long so you prefer to avoid it. x

Omg yes lol

I've had to go off the drink now for a while till I get use to the Sertraline as my hangovers were the worst... I would have anxiety any way but drink makes it so much worse and with ur mind playing on it this would make it worse

If u are on any type of medication for anxiety or dep this would make the hangover really bad aswell

I found when I stopped everything my hangovers were sweet lol was loving life at the time but then of course it always creeps back up on u

I hope this helps

Bushkin87 in reply to xogemxo

It really does thank you so much x

What alcohol do you drink on a heavy nights drinking?

Mainly beer or cider, try and stay away from whiskies and vodka etc..

Completely relate to this.

Yes if I have to many ciders then red wine I feel shocking the next day , anxiety wise and all those symptoms your talking about . So now I’m only having a couple of reds . I just can’t drink like I used to , even with the symptoms I would solder on , but getting older it seems to get worse .

So maybe just cut back a bit .

Good luck 😝🥂

Bushkin87 in reply to Jodz

Thank you very much for your reply 😀

But for me I'm terrible next 2 days then for a week or so my anxiety is at a high x

Jodz in reply to Bushkin87

Yer that’s not good .

Dogdoo in reply to Jodz

So true!

I think for however many decades old you are= the length of your hangover.

A 5 day hangover is just not worth one night of fun.

Hard pass on alcohol.

I can smoke as much cannabis as i want and feel great the next day! 😂🤣

Jodz in reply to Dogdoo

Just try a few drinks and see how you feel ?

If the weed isn’t affecting you , keep on smoking it

Dogdoo in reply to Jodz

Recently had a couple mai tais at a cookout because they are one of my favorites.

About 2 hours later, anxiety and it also sets of my restless leg syndrome.

It sucks because i love a nice dry vodka martini. 😭😭

Maybe you’re allergic to alcohol. It is a thing. I am allergic to it and treat my disease daily. If you find you are drinking even when you don’t want to private message me. Good luck

Hey, thank you for your reply, what symptoms did you get to know you were allergic ? X

I broke out in fights, and blackouts Also once I had one drink, my body craved more. I never had just one drink in my life. The hangovers kept me in bed with sweats, shakes, depression and self recrimination.


Yes I struggled when I drank too...really badly...

I don’t really drink nowadays not worth that totally awful feeling ..

I have one once in a while but it’s rare ...


Bushkin87 in reply to Hidden

Hey Olivia, glad your not going through that anymore 👌xx

Hidden in reply to Bushkin87

Yes me too, it was so scarey the after affects..

Anxiety is bad enough but to have it heightened so severely was torturous and very dark...

I wish you well 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🌹🌺🌹🌺

I can totally relate ! I decided to stop drinking completely since I would have a panic attack afterwards.

As Olivia40 said , it is not worth the awful feeling !

It has been 1 year and half and I don’t miss it .


Hey Foxglove, well done for giving up, did you find it hard to do ?

Did you lose many friends, or do you go out and drink soft ? Xx

No , it was super easy to give up . I do miss the taste of the wine specially and the mixed drinks 🍹!!!

I was always ready for a happy hour. I did go out to “ drink “ a few times and had diet coke all night but it was not the same.

I used to go to wineries a lot with a few friends and they have totally stopped calling or texting ! This was at the same time I quit social media and I started to work on boundaries.

Hidden in reply to foxglove_pnw

Similar to you ! Xx

Hidden in reply to foxglove_pnw

Thank you yes same ..I very rarely drink now..I just think of those awful feelings and it helps me to not do it...moderation in things is best but not always easy...because the feelings for me were so severe I really am conscious of not doing it now...

It can be difficult with those around us as it takes time for them to get used to us saying no to alcohol...I tell them I’m allergic and that tends to help and I’m convinced it’s true .....this affects are serious for me..

Best wishes xxx

foxglove_pnw in reply to Hidden

That is a good idea to say you are allergic !

Hidden in reply to foxglove_pnw

It works for one wants to be responsible for me having an allergic reaction 😊 and it is kinda true as my hangovers are horrendous !


jane93p in reply to Hidden

I say I’m on antibiotics 😂

hi like you I can go for days really depressed and full of anxiety.even if I know ive been ok things play on my mind like what if ive missed something out.its not just anxiety but the physical side kicks in as well.not been to bad recently maybe the therapy helped me.

Bushkin87 in reply to kenster1

Thanks for your reply 👍

Glad it's not been too bad for you

Keep up the fight 💪

This happens to me so i don't drink anymore.

Now i just use cannabis.

so many of us have had a ONE OFF, of drugs, drinking, etc that flipped us out and "gave us" our anxiety disorder.

totally sucks


I just gave it up...the next morning/afternoon (which turned in the entire day) of working with anxiety and health anxiety wasn't worth it. Quitting hasn't made an enormous impact as far as just being anxious, but I no longer have the horrible dehydrated horrible tachycardia that brought me out in an ambulance at work twice....all because I drank the previous night. Now my liver enzymes are normal, cholesterol normal, and I can take my anxiety meds without interaction fears. My friends get it. While I didn't go 100% sober, I've maintained well on N/A beers (0.5% or less). And the options out there are actually better than O'Doul's. I found N/A IPA's, ciders, and so on. That said, I moved from drinking most all days of the week to now once a week. This is easier for some and not so for depending on what you're looking to do, N/A beer may not be an option. Above all else, alcohol is terrible for's great for coping in a "right here, right now" moment and that's about it. Take care and I hope you find the right solution for you!

Bushkin87 in reply to Hidden

Hey buddy, thanks for your reply.

After long week at work it's hard not to unwind and have a few bevvies..

I will just have to limit myself 👍

Hidden in reply to Bushkin87

You bet and there's nothing wrong with some beer after a hard week. Definitely just finding a good happy spot that won't leave you feeling like crap. I had to learn to be a sipper rather than gulping down drinks. Sounds like it might also have screwed with your sleep cycles (alcohol is also bad for it, explains the brain fog). Even cutting down days, amounts,'ll feel better and it gives your body a break. Hope your anxiety and everything associated chills out. That stuff should improve with a good cutback save for some occasions where some adult beverages are needed! Take care!

Sounds like gerd

Hey, your symptoms seem very similar to mineral deficiency and probably magnesium. Drinking booze depletes it and it wouldn't take a few days to weeks depending on how deficient you were to start off with, to then rebuild your stores up and ease your symptoms after a good booze up.

You can search online for magnesium deficiency symptoms and check for yourself. All you need to do is buy a supplement and you'll soon see the symptoms go. An oil is good, cheap enough too.

I haven’t drank for over 4 years at all for this reason, the only answer is to stop alcohol if it’s that bad x

Here is the deal in some way shape or form your immune system is down and somewhere systems are not functioning, backed up, or over taxed. Your body is always meant to heal itself and it's constantly detoxing every minute on the hour ESPECIALLY at night. I would take a lengthy break from drinking maybe even just a month to prototype this and incorporate exercise along with a massive mineral rich diet and even juicing if you please. Juicing shakes like kale, carrots, BEETS (best for liver) celery, spinach, radish, etc. This will help get things moving again and unclogged if you will. Our bodies are made of minerals and it sounds like your massively depleted. In order to treat the symptom you have to cure the cause.

On a next level you may have a candida overgrowth which is a yeast overgrowth. I see that you're specifically drinking beer a lot which has a lot of yeast. I would look into a yeast cleanse which you can even find at your local whole foods. If you find your getting a ton of diarrhea off the get go this is definitely something you may have. If you're someone who is always gassy, bloated after eating or bathroom breaks are all over the place in many spectrums you definitely have a candida overgrowth which is something my YouTube channel ( rumble reviews ) specializes in. A simple candida balance test to try is waking up first thing in the morning and spitting into still water and waiting a minute to see if the spit grows legs and stretches towards the bottom of the glass. Keep an eye out on it and watch what happens. Go buy enzymadica "candidase" if you start getting diarrhea and start to feel anxious taking it that means it's working.

Last if you have had any route canals or anything along those lines you may have a bad tooth decay infection. Watch "the route cause" on YouTube....$3.99 but an eye opener. Route canals have been massively linked to anxiety issues. There are dentists now not even performing them because of the science they have have found. I hope this helps you or anyone reading. I have helped thousands of people. Go check out my channel at rumble reviews. Thanks and best of luck.


Have you ever been investigated for migraines? Alcohol is a strong trigger and migraines doesn’t necessarily mean headaches.

Give it up.

Trust me, stay OFF alcohol and give it up permanently. Your mind and body will thank you!

I can relate. Alcohol is a downer, even if it makes me feel good while I'm drinking the come down hits me hard. I won't tell you to stop drinking even tho we both probably should. But if it's effecting you this badly it might be time to cut back. Do you have alcohol abuse problems? I do. I've been thinking of AA because I know it's a process and I know I'll need support.

Me 2

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