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Torn between treatment

Hey everyone, 31 male, PTSD that turned in to Panic that turned into GAD. Going to therapy, has helped but dealing with the nasty side effect of high blood pressure, running border line low 140s over low 90s or dips in the low 130s to 80s. Having a bout anxiety lately, college from 8 a.m. to 3:30 pm a long break inbetween so my anxiety is high during them moments, can't seem to calm down, then work from 4 to 9. Panic attacks started this past febuary, subsided by april, this time it's going not as strong but longer, my pulse dips in the 80s when I'm relaxed but yesterday was in the 120s and bp was high. Last Monday I hit 170 over 93 and I went to the er just because I felt so bad and dizzy, after being there for 30 mins it dropped to 118 over 83. I am 5'10 was 270 lbs, lost weight and now I'm 2010 pounds and still losing more, I quit smoking for 6 months but picked back up because of stress of school and work, going to quit again. Doctors here don't seem to agree on what to do, put me on a blood pressure med or play wait and see. It seems like my pulse is always over 100 anymore a few times I've seen it in the 80s. Last week had several panic attacks, yesterday had one, took my BP like an idiot and it was high with a 117 pulse rate, today felt calmer but went in to check it, pulse was 106 and bp was low 130s over low 90s.

Question one

Is this anxiety causing this because my doctors seem like idiots and can't agree

Question 2

Ssri or blood pressure med?

Question 3

Play wait and see and keep losing weight and quit smoking and continue walking.

I'm lost and aggravated and I don't want to be on meds for either but it's starting to force me to do something.

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Armyguy, you have to do something. I don't know what a "wait and see" period is going to prove. You know, as I did, that because of the stress it is making your b/p and pulse unstable. It is high more than it is low. That is a reason in itself to be put on b/p meds. It's not a matter of b/p versus SSRIs, you can be on both. I fought it tooth and nail as well but I'm so glad I gave in and did the right thing. Good Luck. P.S. Losing weight and quitting smoking and exercising is just the icing on the cake. (did someone say cake :)


Well I'm in the states and they want to see if lifestyle changes will help before throwing someone on a BP med, the doctor is worried I actually have low bp and if this anxiety cycle ends in December after school is over, they're worried my BP will plummet too low. She said she suspected that since I hit 114 over 81, that's more like my old reading and that my anxiety is giving "false" readings with these semi high ones, I also have anxiety when I get my bp checked but I'm trying to calm it down.

Also she said doctors here in theU.S. don't like putting anyone who is 130-160 and 80-99 on bp meds because it can be corrected by life style change, but another doctor said get on them and be done but I heard too many horrid things about ssri's that I don't wanna go down that road and being on a BP med the rest of my life doesn't sound good either. Plus I'm horrid about taking meds lmao.

I know I asked kinda yesterday this question but this is more in depth of what I'm dealing with. Just sucks. O and another doctor told me to keep losing and get down to 180 and I won't need a bp med at all. So I'm lost.


Hi Armyguy, I'm in Chicago, so the medical assessment would be the same except for each doctor having a different way of reaching that goal. It is true that lifestyle changes can make a big difference. It has been known for Diabetics to get off meds because of weight change, exercise etc. I know you feel confused but as long as you are being seen by a doctor rest assure that they will do what's right for you knowing your health history. My best.

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I think your high blood pressure is related to high stress and anxiety. I say that because I have similar issues and I feel terrible when my normally low BP, rises higher. I mean I feel so dizzy and spaced out! So I agree with the one doctor that is concerned your BP would drop too low on a BP med. You should treat the anxiety and stress first to see if then you don't have high BP. I'm thinking of trying Lexapro myself. I tried it years ago and didn't really take it long. You could take it with the intention of just giving it a shot and not plan to stay on it. PTSD is a big deal as well as the GAD and panic attacks. It's an absolutely horrible way to live life. Just thought I would put my two cents in :) I need to follow my own advice. I hope the best for you.


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