My treatment! Important!

Good morning! One very important question for me! My doc prescribe me citalopram 200mg tablets but i still did not start taking them, im worried to do so,because,normally when i am having anxiety attack, i am taking one de-stress tablet to calm down,so the question is: can i take that calming tablet when attack is coming when i already use citalopram? Or i can take only citalopram and do nothing else with attacks? I hope you understood what i mean!

Have a sunny day :))


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11 Replies

  • Dear Patricija3,


    You need to be very carefull when it comes to medication. The only person that can answer your question and who is fully qualified to do so is your GP. There is one more person that comes to mind who is qualified in medications and that is your pharmacist. However, my advice is to see your GP, who is fully qualified and knows you best, and he is the one who prescribed your medications.

    I am not qualified to give you advice on medication.

    I wish you well

    Kindest regards,


  • Thank you Marcus,i forgot to this to my GP,but i will see her again next week,but by then i don't know to start to take citalopram or not :(

  • Dear Patricija3,

    You are very welcome. It is very difficult, however the only person who is qualified to answer your questions on medication is your GP.

    I wish you well.

    Kindest regards,


  • Hi Patricija

    Can only say , your GP should no what you are already taking & they should be OK together unless they tell you otherwise

    However , I am like you & like to be sure , better safe than sorry I always think , so as it's not always easy to get to see GP or speak to them i have always found the chemist where I get my repeats from very good , they can see everything you are taking & they are qualified as much as the GP when it comes to meds , there should be a tel number on the label on the box of meds for the chemist you got them from , give them a quick ring , they should soon be able to answer your question ...well thats what I do :-) its quickest way & gives you peace of mind & they dont mind at all you asking

    Let us no how you go on

    whywhy xxx

    whywhy xxx

  • I call'd to pharmacy and spoke to chemist,he said,when i start use citalopran it will help me himself,which mean i can probably forget about de-stress pills :))

    Thank you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Dear Patricija3,

    I am so happy for you. It is so nice to hear that you got advice from the pharmacist. I feel a sense of relief or something like that after having read your last blog.

    My second blog should have been better. I should have written 'the GP is the best person to answer questions about your medication' rather than ' the GP is the only person to answer questions about your medication'.

    Whywhy wrote a very good, encouraging, empathetic and thorough blog.

    I wish you well.

    Kindest regards,


  • R u sure its 200mg + not 20mg. I hav been on citolopram + 200mg is a redicously high dose, b very carefull. normal dosage is 20-40mg. Plse check ur prescription + let me know. b very carefull. kind regards, Leehow.

  • Dear leehow79, yes, it is 20mg,i wrote 200 by mistake. Today i took first pill,will see if it helps me,but i feel sleepy after i took that tablet.

    Did citalopram help to you? xxxx

  • patricija

    I am pleased you got an answer i find the chemist very good , if ever you are in doubt , just call them ...well I do

    Keep posting , it will help , let us no how you go on

    whywhy xxx

  • I did brilliant on citolerpram, was on 4 about 4yrs b4 i got this recent episode wiv anxiety/panic, am 1st time sufferer wiv this. Was so worried u was about 2 take 200mg. So sorry had bangin head all nite + only jst got ur message. Think u should do well of citolopram, bst antidepressant i find 4 me. let me know how u get on.xx

  • Thanks leehow79! I took my first pill yesterday,actually i had to start take them 2 weeks ago but i was scared of something,don't know what,so i just start yesterday,thought it's probably won't harm me.

    But i am just wondering why my eye pupils are so big the most of the time? It was like 2 weeks now,im not drinking any cofee or nothing.

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