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Today is my 24th on Prozac and I feel worst than when I started.. I am anxious all the time I try to ignore the symptoms of anxiety but it's hard when you feel like you can't breath and you become dizzy.. they say I have to wait 8 weeks for Prozac to work but shouldn't I feel better instead of worst... i can't enjoy anything I do.. I feel exhausted all day

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Hi Sfqueen, I have found that Prozac has worked for me but it does take quite a long time to work. If you are worried you should go back to the doctors that is what they are there for. Is there any other support for mental health problems in your area? There is a lot of support on line as well. Hope this help!


Hi sfqueen

Prozac can sometimes make you feel worse before it begins working, I've been on it a while now and felt worse at first, takes time to kick in, hang in there, if your still not comfortable with things get further advice from your doctor, Prozac work for me thats all I can tell you, let us know how you get on, :-) xx


The initial increase in symptoms have many unwilling to go the course. A supplement of 2mg of Valium as needed is a great support to get one over the hurdle. Ask your doctor


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