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I just feel like screaming

Today I feel like crap! I hate everything about my life and myself. I have been taking it out on everyone around me and have been feeling very isolative and miserable. The only thing I want to do is curl up and cry and scream at anyone who even talks to me. I just popped 2 Ativan and will either sleep or drink a whole bottle of wine. Given I'm not an alcoholic it's a definite cry for help

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I feel the same I want talk to anyone coz I think im boaring them or they dont like me so I just sit by muself want to do nothing but sceam and cry for nothing I also think something is wrong with me all the time my stomch always feels likenit os doing somersaults giggling iv lost waight so im.maleing muself worsw coa Ithing Iits cancer then that makes me morw madd and upset


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