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Hello all. Well my daughter is going in for knee surgery this morning. She has to have her acl reconstructed. I am quite nervous (quite the actual reason to be nervous). I find it quite wierd that I am feeling the way I'm supposed to feel at a time like this for my daughter but it's like my mind is numb to it. Could it be possible because my responses have been turned on for these past months going through this high anxiety. It's so wierd that my anxiety issue had me already feeling the way I was supposed to only be feeling this morning as my daughter goes back to hAve surgery. Lord I pray for my daughter's surgery to go as great as planned by the doctor and he does everything exactly as he supposed to, protect her and keep her from any hurt, harm, and danger in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I also wanted to say. Is it wierd that I had a epifany that I hope by me having to put all my focus as a mom towards my daughter and her care that she'll need due to her surgery, that it can and will help me not focus on me and my anxiety. And that maybe this is the situation that I need that will help get me through or lead towards recovery of my anxiety because I'll will fight and have to put most of my focus on her to help her. So I was just thinking that hopefully that will actually help me. Just the distraction I need. Well just a thought. But even if I'm wrong, I still will hope that my supermom strength will kick in to be there to support my daughter during her recovery and the intense therapy that she has that follows for several months after her surgery. Thanks for reading... God bless

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When I first started having bad anxiety as an adult I was a mess . I didn't know how or if my life could ever be happy or some what normal again . Then my sister had a baby . She was a young mom and I was in my mid 20s . I decided Dakota would be my rock . I would devote as much time and energy into making her life happy and fun as I could . She is 4 now and is the one thing that can pick me up when things are terrible . We go to gymnastics, skating , bike riding , hiking , we do crafts and go on coffee (hot chocolate for her ) dates ,we go on lunch dates and shopping . She has totally given me a reason to fight through the anxiety and the hard times and when I can't just hanging out with her and seeing her smile and knowing she is happy and healthy can make me go from a terrible, anxiety filled day to feeling like everything is going to be alright . So I think focusing on your daughter is a fantastic idea . Acl surgery is a big one I'm an athlete and reading your post I cringed at the surgery part . She will need you to keep her spirits up and be there for her focus on that :) i pray it all goes smoothly and that helping her helps you find some peace from the monster that is anxiety !! ❤️


Thank you so much. Her surgery went well and therapy start the next day. The doc actually says the therapy is the hardest part. So I hope I can give her all the attention she needs which I will and hopefully it'll keel my mind off of me. So far its going good. 😊

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That's good ... how is she doing ?


She is doing much better today. Night of the surgery was quite rough for the both of us. Glad that us out if the way


Glad to hear she's doing well ! :)


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