medication for Anxiety?

Hi everyone , i was recently given a drug Phenergan 25mg , to take at night ,to help sleep and daytime anxiety! Because according to new Goverment rules they want Gps to try and wean people off Diaxapam , which i take in emergencies only anyway like my hospital app ,dentists and long distance travell , so im not addicted to these and its really the only thing that helps me ! Phenergan does nothing anyone one taken it ?


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  • I have just been given dizepam I don't even take them everyday and they work the best for me . i haven't taken phenergan before maybe it takes longer to work take it everyday..? It can take a while to find what works best for you Iv went through a number

  • Thank you ,yes its works best for me too. but will ive give the phenergan try , case of having to but lm told if that doesnt work on me then back to diazapam

  • Worth a try :) I hope it goes well for you!

  • I use quite a lot , mainly for hay fever and find it definitely has a sedating effect

  • Hi. I use Phenergan only for nausea when I have vertigo systoms.

  • I also use diazepam when I have yo leave the house, are when I have or feel a panic attack coming on.

  • Thank you yes i do need diazepam when i go out or too social events but my Gp hoping that phenergan to replace it !

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