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I can't sleep tonight I don't know why I'm very tired but I can't sleep my chest areas been acting funny and it's been hurting here and there I'm scared for my life my heart's not going fast on normal but I feel sick to my stomach I just want this to be all over butt what can we do? But I did read this person's Instagram but she's been through so much in her lifetime me over here suffering from anxiety disorder thinking it's the end of the world when it's really not she really suffered and been through so much and it's like we make it seem like your life is over but then yet other people on this world is so killing with more stuff health issues and it's crazy how a person can go through so much and still smile be happy and move forward it's crazy I'm still trying to learn to do that myself and it's very hard because people around but I guess it's a part of life and the journey that the Lord puts us in I also moved into this new apartment and for some reason I've been having really bad dreams sometimes I feel like someone's watching me I hate that feeling I just wish that my husband could be here already but no luck with that still waiting until he gets home

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Definitely going through some anxieties and they are no fun by all means, worrying about everything. I suffer from it all the time and just keep praying it will disappear. Try prayer, relaxation breathing, yoga , stretching, no caffien or sugar. Good luck❤️

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Thank you lynl😆 im doing my best


Hi. I'm the same I used to have those really bad dreams too and every time I'd wake up I would be drenched in sweat. And it's due to the tremendous amount of anxiety we carry with us. But it's just a phase and it will go away; it cannot last forever. Try to imagine a big broom that comes around periodically to sweep away any thoughts that enter your mind because now is not the time; now is the time for sleep.


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