I think the worst of everything

For the last year or so I have felt like this. I literally feel as though anything is cancer or some other life threatening disease. E.g my rib feels a bit different than another I automatically assume it's cancer and then I can't stop thinking about it for days upon days. Literally anything makes me worry and think of the worst. It's mostly when I'm sitting in my room alone and have time to think about things like this. I'm only 15


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  • Hi, I pretty much feel like this I have damaged ribs due to a gym accident and always think the worst when there's pain there or feel something different. Sounds like health anxiety to me, have you spoke to your doctor? That's the first step. Hope you feel better and get the help you need soon

  • Thanks it's good to know I'm not the only one, I haven't spoken to a doctor yet no, it's not pain it's just probably my mind playing tricks I just feel like my ribs feel different like my left feels a little different to my right at a certain place although I'll feel and it's the same and then I will again and I think it's different it honestly sounds so stupid

  • Hi Km2000, It sounds like this started when you were 14. What happened then that made you focus on your own health so much? Something you read or have experienced within your family?

  • Hi, I'm really not sure which made me feel like that😁 I think it's just as I grew up and the reality of life hit me like we all die one day and stuff and I just always feel like I have a life threatening disease or something will happen to me that could end my life, I'm really not sure why

  • KM2000, that's a start knowing what may have caused this. So it sounds like a thought of reality that made anxiety spark and now it grown into a forest fire. The best thing you could do is to set up an appointment for a physical with your doctor. Explain to him the thoughts you are feeling as well as how it has taken over each day. He may well recommend some therapy that will help you sort out these fears. By the way, these thoughts and fears are normal. We all at one time or another think about it. It's when it consumes your every thought of the day, is when it needs to be addressed. I hope you follow through and get some help. You have a lot to look forward to :)

  • Thanks a lot for your reply, I am going to get in touch with my doctor like you advised and tell him and hopefully he can help also, thanks for your help and it's good to know people have experienced the same or understand because it really is bad that it takes up a lot of my thoughts daily.

  • Good for you KM.... Take care.

  • Note: the following is copied from a previous post I replied to

    "I think you'll see in previous posts there are a lot of us that suffer from health anxiety. We think about the worse case scenario, google like crazy to see what it might be, and become impatient when we don't have the answers right away.

    It's okay to be worried about something and think about it. But can you allow yourself to just watch the train and let it go by rather than jumping on it? Can you watch the fishes in the pond and let them swim away rather than jumping in and trying to catch it?

    I'm not saying ignore your thoughts and concerns because If we force ourself not to think about something of course it's harder. It's like my therapist says...If someone told you not to think of pink elephants you still will cause you're trying not to think about it. It's all about letting the thought come, acknowledging it and letting it go.

    It's good you are concerned about your health but it's how much worry and emphasis you put on it can make all the difference in not making your anxieties spin out of control. I of course am learning this the hard way right now and am having to take my own advice."

  • I totally agree with Caddycat.

  • I totally feel you, I'm the exact same way any pain I feel on my body I think it's a life threating illness, cancer, stroke or heartattack. It's really frustrating. To help know your not alone and alot of people here are dealing with the same problems as you. It's nice to have someone to relate too. If you are worried about it go see the doctor it will really give you resurrance, I'm actually going this Thursday so I will see what she says. Good luck.

  • Thanks a lot I'm the exact same as you and going to see the doctor also, good luck to you also🙂

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