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Why me!!!!


I have suffered with postnatal depression on both of my children to which was horrendous!!!

Forward 5 years and I was in a fantastic place after losing my dad and struggling to manage my grief but I did and all without meds.

Today I feel like I'm going out of my head with anxiety!

We bought a puppy and oh my I did not expect to feeling this way at all!

I have lost 9 lbs in weight and my whole body feels on 🔥

Why........... 😢

I had to take the puppy back to at least relieve some of my stress to which for a few days it did and I thought great that was the problem and now it's gone I'm fine 🙂

NO I'm not fine and am battling with myself every day.

It's only been 3 weeks in all but feels like a lifetime and with a demanding job and two children I need to be me! Assertive confident me!

Originally in the 1st week my doc prescribed sertraline for the anxiety and I took one and OMG that 1st night I had constant panic attacks. Not sure if I associated the tabs with the anxiety or was it just me in that cycle????

I am slightly better this week and the anxious feeling subsides for parts of the day but I'm still struggling 😢

Help xxx

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I know the feeling. Some days I wake feeling down. Anxiety sits right there waiting on me. Every little thing worried me. Some days are better than other but it's literally like a every other day I feel down along with symptoms. I'm debating on not taking any more meds I never did want to take it in the first place and now it's to a point where I don't know if it's just me and my anxiety or the meds or both causing these persistent symptoms. The dizziness, headaches, lightheadedNess, upset stomach. And i pretty much lowered my dose down on my meds because I felt the higherI was going up on then was probably making me worse. So now I'm like if ice already took myself down to a low dose I might as well stop all together. And not to mention how much weight I lost going through this. My gosh it brought my anxiety to a whole new high.


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