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I feel like I can't breathe, lightheaded, body tingling, and head pressure. I am laying down bc it's so bad. I'm so sick of feeling so bad. I have the worst time trying to accept that this is just anxiety. I just want to feel normal. I already struggle with dizziness 24:7.

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I'm with ya and it sucks...I just want to enjoy things like everyone else

I'm so miserable and depressed

Have you tried meds?

Need to. Just Xanax right now. I have tried Effexor,celexa,and lexapro none worked.


I've had this for past month or so..... all checks show nothing up, docs say anxiety, I'm on low dose amitriptyline 10mg a night and 2 weeks in and I'm starting to think different...... I still have the odd dizzy light headed spell and then my heart races but you need to tell your self your ok and calm yourself down, we are all here to help each other but you need to be prepared to help yourself first! You can do it 👍🏻

Your not the only one dear 😪

Hi Megan dear, Were you able to try taking the Paxil? I understand that we all fight taking meds but You need a break, an escape from the symptoms. You so need that crutch right now to calm your fears. Once you do then you can go on to using different methods to gain back control of your life. Don't wait until you have lost years of your youth hoping and praying it will go away on it's own. I hear you are hurting emotionally. I hope you can talk this over with your doctor or a therapist so you can move forward. There's a lot out there for you to enjoy. Life can be good again.

Hi megan, your not alone dear, i too have head pressure & off balance constant if it hit high all i can is laying down its so bad. Do you have the pressure constant?

Megan_10845 in reply to Ayzzie

It will ease at times

Those body tingles are so damn annoying. Sends me straight to panic mode and doesn't help my hell of depersonalization. Mine start buzzing on the legs up. For no reason too

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