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18 with the fear of my own thoughts?

Being a teen and suffering from some unknown mental issue is probably one of the biggest cliches ever, but I fear i'm not a cliche by any means. I lack control of my own emotions and I find my mind to be a mess of nightmares and overthinking till I kill something good. I lack good sleep from the amount of overthinking and bad thoughts. Stress is the biggest killer, I make stress where stress doesn't belong. Social anxiety is a monster, and the fear of relapse is always in my skull. Does anyone recognize these as any specific mental issues of diseases? please help its ruining my relationship, and also slowly killing me.

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Hi. You mention social anxiety, but you may also be dealing with a generalized anxiety disorder. Have you seen a doctor to talk about your issues? Stress is for sure a catalyst for anxiety and is one of the reasons it stays around.


I have the fear off my thoughts to mines is a think am going to die all time any min off day so hard to cope


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