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Constant Fear of Your Own Demise.


I will keep this brief. I wake each morning & battle fear. Fear about my own demise. It consumes me at times. I do try to logic it out and of course it is ridiculous to fear something that we cannot eliminate. I know I'm wasting what could be enjoyable days & moments. I have tried just about everything to correct my thinking but the mind is strong. At times I actually shake in fear. I'm using up valuable time thinking this way. Does anyone else dwell and fear their own death on a daily basis?

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Kama, so many people have an exaggerated fear of dying when they have anxiety disorder. Anxiety always magnifies small normal worries out of all proportions and this includes the natural concern we all have to avoid early death. So you fear of death is quite common and does not mean that you are likely to die, it's just your oversensitised nerves playing tricks on you.

The solution many people have found helps is to stop fighting the feeling and accept it for the moment - fighting only produces more stress and fear hormones which keep your nervous system over sensitised. So just accept the strange feeling calmly and with the least fear you can, after all you know it is not a genuine threat but just a trick of anxiety. By accepting for the moment you stop constantly sensitising your nerves with fear and in the fullness of time they will return to normal and this irrational fear will bother you no more.

kama24 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you for taking the time to reply.. I do appreciate it. Yes, anxiety can magnify any fears and for me it's my fear of death.....I've been dealing with this so long. I truly home that one day I will return to my normal non anxious self. Thank you.


Yes. I fear it every single day. Sometimes all day and it is scary. I know how you feel. I feel how you feel and that is why I'm getting help soon. You are not alone

jennylove12 in reply to Hidden

The problem is we cannot escape the undeniable fact that we are all going to pass away at some stage.

Guess we all just have to harden up and get on with it.

This is coming from someone who hasn’t left her house in long time. Lol 😂

kama24 in reply to jennylove12

Thank you for your response. You are correct in that no one, man woman, child can escape it. I just wish there was a simple way to control thoughts of something we have no control over.

Yes i do. Totally understand. I think about it all the time.

kama24 in reply to scottlayton35

I imagine there are many like us. I so envy people who say "why worry about something we cannot control? Enjoy every day as it comes." I only wish!

I deal with this when my anxiety is bad, one pain leads to two and so on and the only explanation i can come up with is that im dying. An odd feeling in my ears that i feel internaly which is regular, to me means brain tumour! Its the worst part of anxiety. Spending all day convincing yourself ure not gonna die! #anxietysucks #notfair

I understand what you are saying. Any symptom can be manifested into something serious and perhaps fatal. Very few people understand what we deal with unless they have "walked in our shoes".

I totally agree with you all I’ve wasted lots of months over the years, worrying about death , bought my husband a sign saying ,don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive ,,anyway, so true but hard to put into practice xxx

Budoypapaitan in reply to Sixty4

I feel you

kama24 in reply to Sixty4

My husband is a great support but even he cannot straighten my thinking out. It bothers me that so much time has been wasted in fear and worry and wow look, I'm still here!!

I feel you

I feel you when my muscle twitch I feel like I'm dying and fear conquered me for a day it only stops when I used xanax and fall to sleep bit when I wake up it all started again do you feel dizzy?

kama24 in reply to Budoypapaitan

I have had Ativan sublinqual for most of my life. I only take it on a VERY bad day, otherwise I tough it out, try to keep my mind occupied. I might take 1 or 2 in a week. I have never felt dizzy, but when the fear overcomes me it's like a "tingling shock", and I start to shake like a fool. It angers me that I am logical enough to know I'm being illogical.

I think as human beings we all fear our own demise to some degree. The trick, of course, is not to let it become an obsession. When I was discussing a potential serious cancer risk I have due to a prenatal med my mother was given (DES is the med), and the great fears of death I had as a 20-something year old—a wise gyn looked me straight in the eye and said the following. “If you spend your life worrying about this, you will waste your life as surely as if you had really died. Don’t do that.” A later doc told me re another issue, “ focus on what you have to look forward to—a new grandchild, and forget your past trauma.” Both those men were speaking wise truth, and I think of their words often, as I am quite an anxious personality too.

kama24 in reply to Lea66

Thank you for sharing. Both of your doctors were very correct. I was just told I suffered a TIA (a mini stroke). You can imagine how my mind is working now! My blood thinner was upped and I was told not to worry. Oh how I wish. As I was told, I'm doing what it takes to avoid another one, stop worrying. Most of my life has been controlled by fear. I did have a # of good years when on Paxil, but when I went off of it after 18 yrs. that is when withdrawal and the effects of it hit with a vengeance. It's one day at a time now.

Interesting re your going off Paxil and having issues. Coincidentally, I was on it for many years and weaned off gradually. Did well, happy at last in my personal life so thought I could do without when bam! Emotional crash and had to go back on meds.

kama24 in reply to Lea66

I had been on Paxil for 18 years. I was weaned off it slowly over a period of one month. Had I known what I was in for I'd just stayed on it. I had 2 years of constant non stop nausea. Numerous medical tests and medications tried to control the nausea all to no avail. After 2 years it finally did go away but I have been left with other issues. My doctor told me that in some people Paxil can still linger with side effects of withdrawal for several years. It has been compared to some other not so nice drugs regarding withdrawal. I will say that during the 18 yrs I was on it that it did help & I lead a "normal" life....we think I just became immune to it (this was what prompted me to ask to go off it and seek a newer medication....wish I hadn't, but I'd never go back on it now).

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