Everyday I wake up and have this fear of having a heart attack.. I think about it all the time and get so worked up over it. My anxiety is so bad anymore. I think I have a lot of muscle tension. I have been told by doctors that my heart is fine.. But I still get back pain that seems like it goes into my chest. And sometimes even into my throat. It really scares me i can't seem to let this go.


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  • I also wake up with the fear that am goimg to die all the time hard to sleep with it to a get relly sore head to

  • I some times have this issue, last year I had all the test and blood test and they all came back clear. Only today I had a pain in my left side chest and it felt to me it was over my heart. When this happens I have to just trust the test and results and after 2/3 mins the pain goes. But I do worry that it is something more serious then it really is.

  • Hi Risa

    I had chest pain on chest for a years, it feels like a sharp stabbing pain on my heart. It is scary. Been investigated many times but nothing wrong with my heart. But still have the pain. Now I live with it. I still worry that it will eventually lead to something serious as I suffer from high blood pressure,But I try not to dwell on these thoughts but try to look after myself. The thing is when I am calmer and at peace with myself I suffer less of these chest pains.

    All I can say is eat healthly, exercise , do things you enjoy,'easier said than done but try'. When these fears about your heart come remind yourself that the Dr said you are alright and indeed you are.

  • Maybe my mind has a big role in this too.. I realized when I think about it its worse. When I finally calm down about it and get my mind off of it it kinda isn't there. Its hard to explain

  • I was told in my therapy to think about pigs flying for one min and only that, it works though as you don't have you're mind on the pain and feelings in the mind and body.

  • Health anxiety is something we all deal with in some way or another. I live with the same thing, and it is on the heart. I've learned that it is not my heart from the countless tests they have done. We are definitely not talking only about EKG and blood work. I've had stress tests, CT scans, echo cardio grams, holter monitors.... So... A lot. =)

    Finally my cardiologist sent me home with some ibuprofen (over the counter) and asked me to try this for two weeks. And what do you know.... My chest pain and back pain and all other pains went away. SO it must have been muscular.

    Stress and anxiety can increase the tension in your body. For me it was in my chest because I would get tight and not breathe properly, and my back pain and left arm pain was because I was thinking about so much.... The brain is one strong muscle..=)

    Of course always look to your doctor to clear for anything, but of course understand that it is just your fears that are getting to you. And don't get me wrong, I still get a little weird and scared about it myself, but i remember that it is either a.) muscular b.) indigestion or c.) my anxiety which is feeding off of my muscular pain or indigestion. but I am learning to not pay attention to it and be mindful of what is happening. I have had these pains for quite sometime, but recently have been worried about my heart. Now if anything were to have happened it would have happened. And if anything is going to happen then it will. No sense in worrying about it. (easier said than done I know). Prayer and trust in God and Lord Jesus Christ have been tremendous with me in just letting go and knowing They handle all of my worries.

    I hope this helps

  • Thanks everyone. Its just so hard to rule out what's in my mind and what's real. I get in such a panic when I feel pains and probably make it 10 times worse

  • I've been having these pains off and on for some time now and its really scary! I was at work tonight and it started I focused too much on it and it got worse but once I started to calm myself it went away! Not to mention I'm a smoker and I have high blood pressure in which I know its making my anxiety ten times worse, quitting soon would be my only option! So now I just pray and leave everything in Gods hands I think u should do the same hope that all is well

  • I am a smoker as well and it doesn't help with anxiety

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