Same oh same

Uhg this feeling is still there of feel good it will moment the next moment I won't the inside is not really about I don't know what it could be I thought I thought it was my blood pressure going low so I did some Coca Cola I don't think that's what it is and made me feel better so it a little bit more salt the lemon goodnight seem to feel better and then I don't feel better so I really don't know what could be going on I just hate this feeling because it really feels like my heart's going to stop it's not going fast or slow I can still don't know it's just so hard to explain to others around me or even on here online I text my doctor earlier you never responded he probably blocked me like always hopefully they have an opening tomorrow morning because I really really need to go and if I go to the ER this is going to tell me to go to my primary doctor anyway so there's really no point in going story of my life today


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  • Sorry Crystal! I was offline and I just now saw this. You may be right about the ER. Their job is to make sure you don't need immediate help but they don't do much for ongoing symptoms. This is late but if you haven't already I would call them directly. If it's convenient for you, you may just want to stop on in. In my experience, most offices offer free blood pressure checks if you stop in - it only takes a minute and they offer it for their patients with high bp anyway. I've done it a few times and it's an easy little cheat to make me feel better until I could get an appointment. How are you now?

  • I was like the same feeling but now i dranked a beer im ok uhg!! I had an appointment today they never called me to cinfirm it stupid i was mad now i have to pay 20 dollars stupid im not paying that momey lol

  • The beer can be a self-medicating slippery slope as I believe you've mentioned it before? Too much and you make things worse so it's just something to watch out for. No judgment, I have to watch out for my wine.

    Missing the appt is even more reason to stop on in the office directly to confirm any appt and get a free bp check while you're at it. People tend to give better service when you are face to face.

    It seems Agora1 and I are on similar pages this evening :) A paramedic is a great resource.

  • Yes i know i hope all is well

  • Crystal88, You do need to see your doctor but if you need a quick reading w/o any cost, when I was a paramedic people would come into the fire station and we would take their reading. Just a thought. * Avoiding the ER where it's costly.

  • Thank you friend

  • Hi crystal i get the same symptoms as you and i feel as if its just a major panic attack. Please dont worry it should go away soon and i hope this helped you somehow.


    Kelsey-Grace xx

  • It just sucks is people can go through something like this I feel horrible about it I feel a little bit better a lot more better than I did yesterday and the day before that but still it's still there and I know it is it's just sucks anyway my chest is starting to hurt a bit I'm just afraid that one day my heart will stop and my kids are going to be home alone because my husband's working all day long I don't know I try to keep positive and I pray but it's just hard sometimes because that negativity in your mind that always thinks wrong but then again all we can do is think positive and hope for the best

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