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Hello everyone I'm new to this site . I've been suffering over a year with health anxiety. It's been absolute mental torture from dizzy spells i(brain tumour). Chest tightness (lung cancer) throat sore tightness (throat cancer) back pain (bone cancer) now I'm back to my chest tight again worried sick about that !No in between always worst thoughts backwards and forwards to doctors again I just want to be normal happy enjoying life !


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  • I'm feeling like that too, just now I'm worried sick I have a brain tumour and it's making me so down and anxious constantly! Although I'm too scared to go to the doctors incase I do have a brain tumour

  • I know what you mean part of me thinks I'm scared to go an it's going through tests an waiting for results. But then the other part is saying do you want to be like this every day worried sick I need to know . It's the worst feeling ever takes over your life it's all I think about .

  • I feel for you I really do, I'm the same, had anxiety for around 7 years, had better times but the last 2 years have been awful. I'm constantly worried something is wrong, I sit and cry, really believing it, it's so horrible. Are you getting any therapy? X hugs x

  • Yes I've just started seeing therapist had two sessions so just see how it goes. I'm back at the doctors in 4 weeks that's if I don't have a melt down in between now an then ! I know what you mean I've never cried so much it's so scary and thank you . Big hug back xx

  • My having cbt, had it in the past, had 2 sessions so far, and got one today, I don't no if it's going to help. A lot of it does make sense what she says but it's so hard to remember when your freaking out about all kinds of things, here if you need to talk X X X

  • I'm in a state of panic from the moment I wake up taking deep breaths seeing if my chest hurts it's like monitoring every breath I take all day it's driving me mad . I feel like rushing to A&E Just want someone to help me ! X

  • I was the same rushing to the ED but have now realised its anxiety and I still think something bad is going to happen. It's very scary :(

  • Sharonh65, I'm like that every morning. I monitor and focus in on what is going on in my body and then the fear begins. There are days I cry out of control because it is all consuming. I've done it all, in learning different therapies that may help. Now it's up to me to put into practice what I've learned. It has pushed people away as well as making me feel very alone. This forum is keeping me afloat.

    I wish you well in coping, it is not an easy diagnosis to live with. xx

  • Angora1 it's so hard to fight these physical feelings so hard to accept it's anxiety but like you I know only I can do it . I do have moments which are feel like I'm not going to let this ruin my life and feel in control but them moments don't last very long at all! Yes this forum helps a lot knowing your not alone . I wish you well &happy thoughts x

  • I have health anxiety and get lightheadedness, blurred vision, nausea, pains, dry mouth, white coating on my tongue, weird sensation over my whole body, feel like I'm going to die. Been to the doctors and even the hospital numerous times and had that many tests but they can't find anything wrong. I'm sick of panick attacks and being anxious all the time it's scary :(

  • It's the worst feeling been worried sick crying every day can't get on with my life feel like I'm pushing everyone away x

  • Yes I know what you mean. I cry most days and have the anxiety off and on most days. I feel like I have no one :(

  • That's what I feel everyday! The symptoms are real, yet 'on paper' I'm healthy.

    I really hope it's just derealization and depersonalization like some have people have suggested.


  • I know it feels like your alone suffering but I'm here if you need to share your daily struggles xx

  • It's very hard to explain to my friends what I'm going through as they don't understand.

  • I know what you mean it's not something you can see that's what makes it so scary feels like your alone with this going round in your head all day . People having conversations and you can't get involved cos this is all you think about . I just end up going off somewhere and have few tears . Because I want to be like that not living this nightmare xx

  • I was reading today about adrenaline and how a rush can set off anxiety. Listening to music, watching sporting events, or simple emotions causes a rush to the head with tingling legs and rapid heart beat, especially at bed time. A solution is not simple, I guess.

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