Can someone please help me and give me an idea on how to cope with these feelings right now, I feel like I'm having a panic attack but am unsure, does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with it please as its getting beyond a joke now I'm constantly having them every night and nothing seems to be working I just want to go to bed easy on a night and not have to worry about anything. Thank you


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  • Hi Rik1233, Looking over your posts, it seems like this is a chronic night time fear of dying that either wakes you up from a sound sleep or puts you in a panic state. It is important that you get a good nights rest as well as not to have to worry. You may need some help with medication just for a short time as well as short term therapy. At least it would break the cycle of the chronic night fear or at least find the answer to what prompted it. There are other modalities that you can use which are listening to a relaxation tape before bed as well as doing deep breathing before drifting off to sleep. You might also try avoiding any caffeine in any way, shape or form in the evening especially. You want to get to the point of not having to think about this constantly. As soon as you feel panicky you dismiss it by telling yourself it is not harmful, it will pass and you are tired and are going to go to sleep. A therapist may be able to help you with other ideas that work for you. I hope by now you have settled down some. I doubt if you were having a panic attack because you would have been sure if you were. It sounds like it is plain old anxiousness about going to bed. I hope you are able to turn your thoughts around and give the anxiety bully a kick. :) Hope you are okay...

  • Thank you for your advice I honestly feel like I'm just scared to sleep for fear of dying, I have been offered medication in the past but have refused it for fear of becoming to addicted and I didn't want my child to have to cope with a mother dependent on pills her whole life, it has got so out of hand now tho that I think I will contact the doctors surgery on Monday morning and get them to give me something as I need a good nights sleep x

  • Definitely Rik, we come to a point with anxiety that we need not only rest but to break that circle of fear. Sometimes we just can't do it on our own. It doesn't mean you will be on it for a long time. I was on medication and now on nothing. Looking back, I could not have gotten where I am today without accepting the help with pills and therapy. I had both anxiety and agoraphobia, so I've come a long way and you will to. I hope you ask for the help you so need right now as well as your child needing to have a mommy that isn't climbing the walls. Let us know how you do after seeing the doctor. I hope you get some rest tonight. x

  • Rik, has that feeling gone done any?

  • I'm not feeling as bad at the minute because I'm distraction d but the the second I close my eyes I feel like it all over again

  • My thoughts exactly its strange that I'm able to sleep during the day but when it comes to night time I can't sleep and I will do thank yoy for your help and support, I doubt I'll be sleeping tonight though :) x

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