Hi everyone im in such bad shape right now i have been going through so much lately one day of feeling ok to another day of feeling like im about to die. It started lastnight i woke up and my shoulder and left arm was hurting badly i thought mayb i slept on it bad went back to bed and woke up with right arm pain lil after my chest felt very uncomfortable i was worrying on the pain so much it felt worse now im thinking the worse is gonna happen my neck shoulder and arms are hurting i started exercising again but they were mostly squats and lunges i was doing.

Lets not mention ive been in complete stressful situation lately ive been having to take care of 6 kids in total only 2 are mine the rest are my sister's kids and there are quite a handful along with my period i have been feeling so stressed lately im so tired of the ups and down and feeling of no hope the aches and pains the worry everything. Im trying to really beat this anxiety im really trying some days feel so hopeless.


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8 Replies

  • Hello

    Sorry you are struggling at the moment , try and pick out the positives in your post though because even though things are feeling bad you say you are having good and bad days so positive is there are some good days which has to be better than all bad days :-)

    Now the pains in your arms and so on , you have been checked out and you are ok , but I to get really bad aching arms , goes in my shoulders and round my shoulder blades and it hurts , I do suffer with a few aliments which can be the cause but I know for sure that when I get them I struggle then the anxiety kicks in and then the muscles tense up and when they do the pain gets worse and so the vicious circle starts until I tell myself this is anxiety and the anxiety is making me believe all the negatives so it can keep a hold on me and unless I let go the pains will just keep getting worse and stay , not easy to do but unless we start to relax those muscles are so knotted up like ( imagine some rope and you tying it in a knot and pulling it as hard as you can ) this is how are muscles are when they get so tense puling away at all those delicate ligaments we have

    Try and nice warm bath to help relax yourself , make sure you get some time for you because with all those kids to look after sounds like you need some and it could be that you have pulled a muscle running round after them all , easily done without noticing you have done it I have done this often over the years

    Maybe as I am not sure of the circumstances but it could be an idea even though we don't always like saying no but to tell your Sister you are not feeling very well and having a few days of , you could be child minding for her which may not make it possible but if not I would have a few days of while you get yourself back together , put yourself first because if you don't look after you how can you look after anyone else :-)

    Hope you feel better soon and the good days keep coming and any bad one's ride through them as they say " This To Shall Pass " and it will :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi lulu thank u so much for responding the pains are still there and if i turn on the right side i feel them even more i hope its just tensed muscle or i pulled a muscle its really causing me alot of panic right now im so on the edge but i do need sometime to myself.

  • Hello :-)

    Of course I am not a Doctor but I really think your anxiety is playing a big part in all this , see how you go in the next day or so and maybe if you are still worrying let the Doctor reassure you as you may find that is all that is needed to help you stop panicking

    I hope you do get some time to yourself :-) x

  • I think so too im trying to calm down because i googled right arm pain and the outcome wasnt good i know all too well i shouldnt had googled it but i did but if this continues i will visit my gp.

  • O no you should not have done that but as you say you know that , next time come and talk to us first and let us know you want to Google and see if we can talk you out of it , I am sure you will feel a lot better talking with us than listening to Google


    Google spurts out the worse scenario

    It does not know your medical history , how old you are etc

    And it cannot examine you !

    Try and cast aside what you have read bearing those things in mind :-) x

  • Im trying i just made some ginger root tea and i can feel my shoulder dropped a lil of the tension i am so tensed up i think its my muscles and i have been trying to exercise today well i did and did a few workouts for upperbody. I cant explain how much u are a help to me right now thank u so much for staying and responding to me.

  • Well that says a lot when you were relaxing with a nice tea you could feel your shoulder easing slightly

    Anxiety can be a powerful thing and cause so many physical problems but when you start to accept it can you usually find your symptoms ease

    Try and get a good nights sleep and don't forget to keep finding some time for you :-) x

  • Thank u i will try and get some sleep the pain keeps coming back because im still worried its like a cycle keep repeating itself

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