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Whts wrong with me

This is the perfect title for me right now. 2 years ago i was fine, never been scared of anything when i got to bed. But in the the last two yers some how death comes in to my mind. Now im the type of person who goes to bed and sometimes contemplate on life and i do that by thinking deep. Now some how DEATH kept on coming up on my mind at night. As soon as it became constant i try to remove the subject out of my head

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Hi labib

Don't be too concerned as you are exhibiting one of the classic symptoms of anxiety. However, if you try to get rid of the thoughts, they just stick around longer and become more intense.

To recover, you need to do the opposite and allow yourself to feel all the thoughts willingly and not try to push them away.

Please read the message I posted a little earlier which explains it in more detail.

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Hi. Try to bring your awareness back into the room. Feel the warmth of the blankets and feel the safety and peacefulness of the room. Feel your body resting comfortably on the bed. Feel the covers on your skin. And when thoughts come inside your mind to worry you or distract you, imagine a big broom that comes by periodically to sweep all of them away because now is not the time

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