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Back to thinking something is wrong with me


So I haven't been on here now for 5 months as things were going extremely well. I got my diploma and am back at work so I have been really happy. Last week things just went down hill with the lightheadedness coming back every day and feeling like I'm going to die. I haven't pin pointed why this has happened but I'm trying to stay positive but I still feel like something is wrong with me and i keep reassuring myself I'm fine but I still panic for no reason. I get warm feelings in my legs, pains here there and every where it's driving me nuts. Has anyone else had it all settle down for a few months then it rears its ugly head again? What did you do to get back on track? I have an appointment next week with my psychologist in hopes that it helps me get back on track.

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Mine gos away for years then pops right back up I had anxiety and panic attacks when I was 9 and again @ 18 and again at 24 and now at 32

Oh wow. I suffer severe anxiety and panic attacks. I didn't realise it can just go away for years and then come back :( I wish it would just go and never come back. I'm sick of it.

Yea me to I have kids and this isent me back and forth to the Dr I can't breath or I am rattling or wheezy when I am neither Lord be with us I am so over it I am trying to take my life back with out meds my last episodes I got over with out meds. It took months and I was almost crazy at the end but it went away if I could remember just how or what I did to make it go away

It's horrible but I'm not medicating even though the doctors are so quick to hand out pills. I get major anxiety just thinking of trying new medication, I don't even take panadol unless I really really have to.

I wasted 2 years of my life refusing to take medication that I clearly needed. I could have been better so much sooner if I had.

I think it's up to the individual as medication may work for you but doesn't for others.

This resonates so much with me! I hadn't had any anxiety in months, had even taken a trip across the globe two months ago, I totally thought my anxiety was gone forever. Suddenly it's kind of back, where I'm wondering how I'll get through the day or if I'm dying. -__- I'm tired of this, and scared, I want it to stop. The first time I cured it, I was on meds, but then got off of them, and just started running everyday. I guess I haven't been running as much either. If you want to message me, I'm here.

Thank you. I'm sick of feeling like there is something wrong, that I'm going to die and every little pain etc..sets my anxiety through the roof :(

Same here but mine is always with my breathing I know I can but my mind gives me 101 reason at that moment why I can't thenu start to breath shallow witch in turn makes it worse

Yes I still find myself concentrating on my breathing and same thing happens :(

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