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Whts wrong w/ me..acute anxiety

Less than a year ago I was happy, energetic, loving , hard working mom @ that time wife of a teen & toddler and 3 pretty awesome teens. Pretty socially active. Then one day out of the blue I just started having this "inside nervous / anxious feeling that I just couldn't shake.. Nothing out of the ordinary was going on in my life at that time. I was in my home doing homework and watching my 10 month old daughter. .. Fast forward to today... I am now very anti-social, have little to no evergy, procrastination to the max, forgetful, unable to concentrate MESSY/unorganized,/cluttered. I LOVE my children and my boyfriend but now I dnt want to be bothered, I would much rather sit n my room and read. I really don't want to do anything !? I've tried meds (most make me feel worse or turns me into a zombie ). Psychologist / physiologist. .. I'm now holistically approaching this with no success as of yet

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Hi I can relate to u so much. I was just like u 18months ago and now I don't go out every day I think im gonna die. I don't know how I keep goin. I too love my kids but since I got anxiety I snap at them for anything I dont feel im a good mum anymore xx


I am a very "sensitive and intuitive " person. Just from reading your response I can tell that despite your anxiety YOU ARE A GREAT MUM AND YOUR DOING THE BEST YOU CAN RIGHT NOW! When you feel the anxiety coming try deep breathing for a few minutes. 5 count inhale thru the nose and a 5 count slow exhale threw your mouth. This helps a lot, I even taught my kids this . And if you snap @ them once you calm down some go talk to them, apologize and tell them "mums got a lot on her mind and didn't mean to respond to you that way" Children are smarter than we think. This will pass for ALL of us, Good luck my friend .


It is really difficult sometimes to understand why you feel like this, but I was once told when you are in a hole don,t spend time analysing how you got there, spend your time trying to figure out how to get out.

I know you will, as you sound like a level headed person.

So you are going thro a tough time,well that is ok for this to happen, allow it and let it pass.

Get outside as often as you can, into nature if possible, and slowly your thinking will change and you will get your energy back.....maybe your body is just wanting a rest?

To keep well you have to change your thinking by reading or watching positive material, mixing with positive people.

Best wishes.....x


Thank you for your reply!

Well its winter here in Michigan lately #'s below zero, so nature's not an option right now. My boyfriend and I did go to las vegas last week and although everything was beautiful and exciting I really couldn't feel it. I did pretend like I was having a great time for my boyfriends sake. He's trying to be supportive and I love that about him. I just wish I could find the old fun, loving woman I used to be....


Eckhart Tolle books are good to help you understand....also on you tube. I,m in Scotland and spring is coming....hurrah...x

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