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I literally do worry about every single thing that happens in my body and every single symptom or wierd feeling I get. How did I get this bad that I let every single thing scare me. It's like I'm anticipating things to happen along with letting everything that does happen worry me. Like now, I woke up already worried that if I don't have a bm thus morning or soon today it will be two days I haven't had one because foe the past week or even two weeks I was going every day but then also I wasn't eating much and eating mostly fruits and non solid stuff so I don't know if that's why I was going to easily but the last four days I have been eating better and more solid type foods now it's like I am struggling to have a bm and when I feel the urge to go it's still not coming or I feel it will be constipation. And yes really I've been having difficulty with my bowels ever since this anxiety and stress hit me hard in july everything has been off track, one minute it's constipation, next it's close to diarrhea, next it's normal. But I'm still worried. Now my thoughts have spiral out and I think something is wrong with my intestinal, or digestive system. Or maybe my kidneys aren't flushing my food right. And what if this causes bacteria to back up in me. What if this is happening quickly? It's like every day it's a new reason to stress about something different.


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  • I always have digestive and stomach issues when my anxiety is acting up. I found that pepto bismol really helps me calm my stomach down. I've been to the GI Doctor and had ultrasounds, CT scan, blood tests done and everything is fine. I know it doesn't make it any easier to deal with but you just have to find what works did you.

  • It is very agitating dealing with issues of the stomach or digestive issues. No one wants to hear their stomach make all sorts if noises. Have to strain to have a bm and then the next few days have loose crap. But I probably would feel better if a doc of some sort assess me for this. I'm only hoping it's nothing major happened in my stomach

  • I'm the same way. Just got done crying all morning. Went for a walk and it helped a little. I also have pain in my ribs and back. I'm scared of the anxiety.

  • Anxiety is designed to scare you. It is your resistance to this natural, albeit magnified, reaction that keeps the anxiety alive because it reinforces the messages being sent to your brain that there is something wrong so your fear/flight mechanism stays on high alert.

    Learn not to react to the thoughts and feelings triggered by your anxiety (this just adds more fear which keeps the anxiety alive) and they will eventually disappear. I know it isn't easy to begin with but with practice, you will get the hang of it.

  • Hi Icanbeatthis.

    Lots of "what ifs" in your post which tells me you fear the symptoms of anxiety. I had bowel issues too, had scans, barium meals etc and they found nothing. A classic symptom of anxiety.

    If you change all those "what ifs?" to "So what?"....and truly mean it, your anxiety and all associated symptoms will melt away. You need to change your attitude towards all those symptoms and take away the fear which is keeping your nerves sensitised and keeping you on the anxiety hamster wheel.

    Give up the fight and allow the symptoms to be there without resistance. It takes time to develop your new attitude but practising will get you there.

    Beevee 💩

  • You are right. And as much as it may seem like I can't possibly be trying to take your advice when I'm still posting alot about the what ifs but I really do keep your words in mind but just when I'm in the moment of it all I don't use it. But so many times I have used your advice when going through my past few weeks and it's very helpful.

  • Take some virgin olive oil in the morning as u get up,one table spoon full is quite enough, it will ease your bowel problem, castor oil is also good but it gives quick results may be unbearable too. Water melon is also good .

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