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Is my heart going to give out from all this anxiety and negative thinking?

Lately I've been doing pretty well with managing my anxiety. I've seen multiple therapists as well as been put on stronger medication, sertraline.

However not all is good news. This morning I suffered from a moment in the shower where I thought my heart was going to give out because I had my anxiety and negative thoughts again. It might have just been another panic attack with different symptoms but it felt scary. I had a tingling feeling around the area in my chest near my heart as well as in my throat. And every time I had a negative thought or thought of something disturbing, I get a feeling in my heart like it's about to stop. It's really concerned me! As of now, I have feelings that my days are numbered because my heart could give out at any second. Is it all just anxiety again or have I really developed a heart condition? Thanks.

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This is one of the worst symptoms I have and some days I will have more then once or multiple days in a row. You just have to remind your self it's only a symptom of a panic or anxiety attack and it will end and not take your life with it. If you are unsure about it ask your doctor and they can give you better guid lines good luck dear


Your heart won't give out its a really strong muscle You say it happens when you have negative thoughts that's the adrenaline rushing around your body in response to the "what ifs" that have come into your mind

Relaxation techniques would help you so much You say you have been pretty good at managing your anxiety this is just a blip

I have a heart condition so please believe me your heart is strong it won't just give out

I hope you can get back on track with your anxiety management and you can enjoy your days without panic very soon

Take care


Oh dear, sorry to hear about your condition, I hope you are alright.

Thanks. Nowadays I'm learning to cope more with my anxiety so life is getting a little easier. However I'm still suffering from an overactive mind that seems like it doesn't want to relax. Just today I got more feelings that my life was ending because my body was going to shut down from all the anxiety and negative thinking. Though it's probably just more obsessive thinking that hopefully will pass as the days go by.


Oh thank you yes I'm ok Funnily enough since I've been diagnosed I actually feel calmer as I know more about the heart and how it feels very very different from anxiety chest feelings

It's so hard to cope with an overactive mind and all the what ifs I do so understand

I've just bought a couple of books that I've found a big help

The DARE response by Barry Mcdonagh and Anxiety CBT for Dummies

Also the Claire Weekes books are very good for comforting help

There is also a good video on You Tube by a Dr Harry Barry Its called doctor explains panic attacks you might find that reassuring I did it helped me a lot

I do know anxiety and negative thinking cannot do you any physical damage and your body definitely won't shut down so please try to put your mind at rest it just won't happen

If I can be of anymore help or you just need a chat then please message me as I do really understand

All the very best 😊


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