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I don't get out of the house too much by myself and today was the first day I did in about a week. It made me anxious and so then started up physical symptoms. 🙄Something new that happened was my left ear felt like it got really clogged and I couldn't hear out if it. Like somebody put cotton in it . Now of course I've been dwelling and have myself a headache and am waiting for it to happen again! My vision is being wacky too now 😂 This freaked me out and wondering if anyone else had ever experienced this!

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  • Oh yes Charityjones, unless you have other medical problems, this is something I have experienced with anxiety. Blurry vision, tension headaches and ears/ear feel blocked when anxious about doing something you really are pushing to. Like going out today. You conquered the fear but a few anxiety symptoms paid you a visit. Don't let it freak you out. It won't harm you and will just make your headache worse if you give in.

    Good for you getting out today. I stayed in because the weather has been rainy and gloomy lately. x

  • That's comforting to know you've had it! Thank you so much for your encouragement. (: and there isn't anything wrong with taking a day for relaxing when it's nasty out!

  • I have experienced this many times. But if I were to give you any advice it would be to not let yourself be trapped. Leave your house and don't be afraid to because nothing bad will happen to you trust me, I used to be the same exact way, it's hard but you got to push yourself. The physical symptoms you describe clogged ears and headache, are both bery common anxiety symptoms but instead of trying to fight them just accept them, tell yourself you have these symptoms and let yourself feel them don't dwell on them bc the more you do the longer they will stay but nothing is wrong with you!! take care

  • Thank you for your advice! That's exactly what I'm trying to do . Not let this hinder my everyday life and push through. I also get weird vision stuff though hard to describe. It's not really blurred but is.. feels like it's hard to focus on stuff and just not normal sight. lol I don't know if you know anything about that!

  • I have experienced derealization very badly, I felt like my surroundings weren't real and everything felt very strange and scary. Luckily I took the time to understand it and realized that it was just anxiety symptom and cannot harm you in any way. But the vision things your mentioning does not sound like something you need to worry too much about. Have you seen a doctor about it? If your worried about it have a doctor rule out anything that could possibly be wrong and if everything is normal then please do not dwell on it because you are fine! 😊

  • I have an eye exams Monday actually. My astigmatism had gotten worse pretty sure! But I know it's still a lot of anxiety related . And thanks 🙃

  • Well I have these same exact things going on. Especially the vision and the ear pressure and headaches. My vision syptoms I get are blurred vision, dots floating in my sight, hard to focus. Feel detached. And sane with me left the house and see u really don't get out either only to pick my kid up from school but my usual hey up and go self has deminished evert since this anxiety hit me hard so when I go somewhere as simple as the store like I did today, I got some physical symptoms and then my mind went to wondering and now I feel doomed for the rest if the night. But I know exactly what you mean. Like right now my head feels clogged or like pressure. It's so hard but I'm really trying to accept that anxiety will do this. Especially when I was not this bad off or going through it like this not even four months ago.

  • Yes and the fact many others experience this confirm it's nothing to worry about. I have these things almost all the time . Spots when I stand up too. I wasn't like this AT ALL four months ago. It's quite sad we've become like this. But we can get through it if we push ourselves to do the things that scare us most! It's what I'm trying to do daily and I hope you can find some relief and comfort!

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