So last night I was perfectly fine I was upstairs watching tv in my room when I sat up and I was covered up with a zebra print blanket when I looked down at the blanket it look like heat waves like my body was viberating so I call my mom because I was scared and didn't know what was going on she said it was aniexty has anyone ever had this problem I'm worrying myself to death


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  • I would head on down to the doctor to get a formal explanation of what you saw. I am not sure anxiety causes hallucinations.

  • I have this problem constantly. But it happens when I wake up from a nap to pee or drink water no matter what time or where or how long the nap is. I would usually tell my husband to touch me n he says he can't feel or see anything. I was the only one feeling it. Someone on here told me to keep hydrated. I'm trying n I haven't seen it so far. Like 2, weeks now n I also read to avoid salt before going to bed

  • I went to the doctors on diffrent ocassions and nun... So u could try your luck n infirm me

  • Yea I have . I've been to the doctors and told him . He said it could be a silent migraine. I have this to day as well . If look far away it's not if close at things .

  • My first thoughts!

    My mum sometimes get migraines and she sees zig zags everywhere.

  • Have a chat with your GP, it could be to do with your anxiety or it could be what they call optical migraine which I suffer from, it affects my sight with wavy lines but doesn't give me any pain, normally goes away in about 20/30 minutes

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