Over it 😞😞!!

Ok can anyone please tell me does this happen to u ? And bit lengthy sorry 😬

All good most of day but busy . Just after lunch felt a little off balance but just ignored it then about 2 pm went out to get washing from machine came in side to put on cloths horse , hence so much rain ATM. As putting clothes on clothes horse heart went into over drive , I was like ok here we go . Went out side , deep breathing does not do a think to help . Heart rate 143 per minute , went and got an ice cube to suck , went back outside then I felt Nauseous and then was dry reaching about 8 times but didn't vomit . Then legs went like jelly felt like collapsing then had to use my bowels . Felt shocking . Took a Kalma tablet and layed down on bed , after 20 minutes heart rate started to come down !! Then felt so so exhausted and slept half hour , WHY ?

So why does this just happen for no bloody reason ?? Feeling over it

Any advice would be great TIA


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22 Replies

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  • is there anything about doing laundry that makes you nervous?

  • Noooo as I said I felt fine then bang !!

  • This has happened to me many times, just whilst doing a normal everyday task and even whilst relaxing doing nothing? I get frustrated and angry as to why? but have realized that the reason could be subconsciously triggered, I'm not always able to identify any trigger? often my symptoms appear randomly and completely out of the blue? xx

  • Thanx Suzie 482

    It's just terrible and I have had a few in the last month. Very very frustrating . And when the heart is going at that pase that's what really worries me big time . Just wish there was something I can to at that point ?

    THANKYOU for your support xx

  • Hi Jodz, This happens when we have "free floating anxiety". It comes and goes in waves, not enough to cause a panic attack but just enough to allow that uneasy feeling. Don't forget no matter what we are doing either physically or at rest, our minds are always in overdrive with anxiety. Feeling exhausted after the fact is a given because it takes work to fight the feeling. With time, we learn to accept what we feel and get on with our lives. It does take much energy to do that. We retrain our mind and our thoughts and our brain heals. Hope you have a better day. x

  • Hi Angora 1

    I must admit work is pretty stressful ATM . But as I said having a great day then bem. THANKYOU for explaining it more . Just that rapid heart beat really scares me ☹️

    Thanx again , always good to post on here and get positive comments xxx

  • I completely understand what your saying because this happened to me right after I had my second child! I went back to work and I was just taking deep breaths in and out cause I was so tired the. All of a sudden I seen super bright! And my heart was beating fast! Felt as if it was going to pop out of my chest! I didn't know what to do I hyperventilated and my feet got so sweaty! I took my shoes off I just couldn't sit still! They checked my vitals at work cause I worked as a cna and they called the ambulance it scRed the crap out of me! I am currently taking atenolol 25 mg due to the problem! Cardiologists say my hearts fine! But I don't know that I have it in my gut something is wrong or maybe it's just anxiety. What do you do to control your fast heart rate? How long does it last?

  • I don't have anything for the fast heart rate , because I had other symptoms I took a kalma it's like xanax , I have them on stand by . It's just horrible now today all I'm thinking of is what happened and is it going to happen again today ??

    Lasted a good 15 to 20 minutes then I was exhausted and had a sleep πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  • Has this ever happened to you before? I hate taking this blood pressure meds I have to take it every day or else my heart would pound. I think your stressing cause I was badly stressing out when it happened to me and this was two years ago. I'd rather go on anxiety meds than blood pressure meds

  • Yes this has happened to me on many occasions! It's called a panic attack. Your mind started over thinking, and your body went into the fight or flight mode. Your mind was telling your there was something wrong when nothing actually was, and your body responded by making your heart rate go up. The next time this happens tell yourself okay this has happened before, I'm going to breathe in through my nose for 4 seconds and then exhale and you will notice your heart rate starting to slow down. If you notice your mind staring to catastrophy everything, count 5 things you see, smell, touch and feel and it will bring you back to a relaxed state of mind, God bless.

  • Do you take anything for the panick attacks? I think my biggest fear is letting go of the atenolol (blood pressure pills) to control my heart rate. My mind is set that it's what's making my heart beat normal. It just scares me and I don't want to take this anymore.

  • I use to be on aetenol but cardiologist felt systolic was better working with my anxiety. My dr felt that the systolic gave me ever hour if the day, and it seems to be working great. They advised me to take mine at night. Hope this helos

  • Sorry bystolic

  • I just have Kalma and take one when needed .

    I'm on blood pressure tablets but that's just for high blood pressure

  • Michaelagjess THANKYOU for some tips I will def try the counting smelling and touching. Yer when my heart goes that fast I do totally panic and because my legs go like jelly and I feel I want to collapse it's really hard to switch the mind off

  • This happened me last week only my HR wouldn't come down so I had to go to A and E

  • Once in emergency what happened and what did they do and say Ct17 ?

  • My HR would just not go down so they kept me in for the night . Took two ECGs first one was slightly abnormal. Then they took a blood test to find if protein was present that indicates something is wrong with the heart . Iv just done 24 hour urine test (ew) and have to go back to check for underlying issues . i think anxiety puts a lot of stress on your heart so After I took off for a few days and properly relaxed . seems to have helped

  • Hope your feeling better now ?

  • Yes good bit my body is still exhausted tho. How are you ?

  • Since that episode it's been really playing on my mind. And what's made things worse a lady collapsed in our local supermarket had a heart attack and she couple of years older than me . This makes my mind race and think the worse that I'm next . Had the worst sleep last night . And also I'm now scared to go to the supermarket . We live in a little country town so they are not big.

    Does this ever stop ???

  • It's scary to go to emergency but the good thing is you can get an answer that all is okay. Not ideal but it is comforting. I'm glad you have that.

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