Yay I did it 😝😝

Well I went horse riding this morning on my young one that's at the breakers being broken in . I went for about one hour and only felt a little nervous , but I did it . One thing I did feel was my heart rate was really elevated . It's now been 3 hours since I have been home and my pulse is around 90 to 95 bpm . Is this anything to worry about ? Is it to high?

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  • It sounds like anxiety maybe you felt like that after your horse ride just knowing that you went thru it! That's good though keep it up and remember anxiety makes your heart go fast so take deep breaths and drink lots of water

  • izzy01 yer even though I felt great , the anxiety must just still be there . It's all good now . I was just worried it was staying up . Is that to high though ??

    And thanx it was awesome , go again tomorrow morning

  • Well done jodz x great news x you have achieved the first step of spending time with your horse x lovely x keep it up now and and you feel better doing this x one step at a time x your heart was raving as this is what anxiety does x as izzyol said plenty of water x so happy for you x

  • Susannaylor thanx so much x all your positive comments mean a lot . I was pretty pumped with myself that's for sure xx

  • That great x are you going to go again tomorrow x

  • Susannaylor yes I went early this morning . So proud of my self . Had a few thoughts racing around in my head , lots of what ifs , but I got on a rode with 4 others . Yay yay πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺgo me xx

  • Exellent x well done you x well you have achieved the first thing you wanted to do x let's go forward now darling x keep the good work up and keep in touch with me x

  • Will do x

  • Well all good news with my bowel cancer screening test x all clear x I was so worried about doing this test x but i done it b and relieved now x good news x

  • Yay that's awesome susannaylor x

  • That's fantastic, I'm sure the more you go the less your anxiety will affect you. Your heartrate could be high because your on a high after acomplishing something.

  • cazza8 thanx . Yer just a bit high but all good 😊

  • cazza8 thanx I'm pretty stoked . Thanx to you guys that send me positive vibes , def helps πŸ˜€

  • Hey, well done you! So happy for you. My music event isn't for a while yet, so nothing to report re that. Don't worry about your heart rate----just checking it will keep it high because of anticipatory anxiety (well, something like that!) x

  • Jencan thanx heaps . Wishing you all the best for your music event . You can do it and please let me know how it goes xx yer was up a little today but not as much πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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